Wednesday, March 4, 2015

It's mid week and there's an #MWTease on the blog today from #WIP #Sci-Fi romance #amwriting

I love Sci-Fi, any genre and medium. I recently started writing a Sci-Fi romance. Today's tease is from that story.

Working Title: S. Hari

Kara rolled as she hit the ground. The giant craft continued on its path, having emptied the lake of water, it skimmed the red surface of the planet as the collection apparatus retracted. Even so, the height of the drop from the side loading hatch was considerable and added to her velocity as she jumped. She’d expected the jolt of pain as she landed, but not the resultant burns across her bare legs as she skidded on the harsh gritty sand. 

Kara closed her eyes and scrambled between sand dunes. The last thing she needed was to have the sand get into her eyes. It scratched like shards of glass along her palms as she grasped handfuls trying to heave herself into a hiding place before the craft banked and turned to fly back over the area. Not that they’d be looking for her yet, not until much later, and if she was lucky, they’d be so far out of this solar system they wouldn’t bother coming back for a slave. Not even a slave favored by the captain. She shuddered as she pictured his leering face.

As the craft thundered overhead, she lay between the dunes, covering her face with her hands. Kara waited there until the only sounds were the weak slaps of fishtails in the adjacent mud of the empty lake. It was hard to breathe and the sharp stab of pain in her chest as she struggled to take a breath scared her. An injury, maybe a broken rib, how will I cope with that. She licked her dry lips. The metallic taste of blood forced her eyes open. She inspected her hands. The sand had made cuts there that were far worse than she expected and blood had trickled onto her face. 

Kara carefully sat up, holding the place along her ribs that hurt and taking care not to flick up the sand around her, nor collapse the walls of it she hid between.

She took in the state of her legs and panic gripped her. Huge red wheals were raised along them, and the skin had been seared away in patches so that her flesh oozed as if she’d been burnt by flame. The adrenaline and determination that bolstered her as she escaped drained away and tears pooled in her eyes. They coursed down her cheeks and splashed onto her lap making dark splotches on the pale fabric of her shorts. The clothes she wore, her long sleeved little jacket and shorts were fashioned from a Kevlar like material. The ankle boots on her feet were similarly hardy and Kara wished she’d had the forethought to find gloves or long pants, although that would have attracted attention.

I’m free now. I’ll be fine. I’ll wait until I feel a little better then head off. There has to be a village or settlement somewhere close, they generally cluster near water, don’t they? She reasoned as her stomach ached with fear. 
Protected Copyright Elodie Parkes 2015 


  1. That's a whole different place to be and not hospitable. Great tease, Elodie. :)

  2. She is one brave lady to jump out of a moving aircraft. Great teaser, Elodie.

  3. Oh my, she must have been desperate to escape. I hope she finds help soon. Great tease,, Elodie :-)

  4. I felt her desperation. very good.

  5. Nicely paced, well done with the tension from Kara. Good tease! (Also, SF erotic romance for the win!)

  6. Definitely want to go on this journey with you Kara, Elodie. I am feeling for her so hard right now. xoxo


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