Friday, March 17, 2017

Guest author @RavennaTate visits with #eroticromance release, Relentless Tortured Love

Tortured Love 3
Be aware BDSM , erotic romance
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For years, Blake the Snake, as he was known to his Alpha Chi Gamma brothers, took pictures of the conquests of auction winners having sex with their “prizes” at the fraternity’s annual Spring Bacchanalia. It was all in fun, until he stopped a young woman from being raped by the football player who had won her.

From that moment on, Blake Bombay’s life changed forever. He became obsessed with Kendra Kensington, and worked tirelessly to keep her safe. While watching her from afar, he plotted and planned for the day when she would be his. Trouble was, she didn’t know it. She never saw his face that night or learned his name. But that didn’t matter to Blake. She was his. She had always been his, and one day she would be his forever.


As soon as Blake was in his own house, he grabbed a beer from the fridge and sat down. Sweat had collected in his armpits, and along the back of his neck under his hair, the entire time he’d been talking to her. He couldn’t blame it on the weather. Why had that been so damn difficult?

He was still breathing hard, and now he wiped moisture off his face. The beer helped, even though it gave him hiccups to drink it so quickly. He closed his eyes and let the coolness of the liquid invade his entire body.

The last thing he’d expected when he finally spoke with her, face-to-face, was this emotional, visceral reaction. He’d spent so much time fantasizing about the moment, and had thought he’d worked through every possible scenario in his mind. How he’d respond, the perfect facial expressions, the right times to laugh or smile, and when it was time to make his exit. He’d set the alarm on his cell phone for exactly twelve minutes. Not too long, not too short.

It had gone so much better than expected, except for his traitorous body. Sweating was one thing. She hadn’t been with him long enough to notice. But if she’d glanced at his crotch she would have seen how aroused he was. And if he’d held onto her hand a bit longer at the end when she’d extended hers again, she surely would have noticed it trembling.

Why the fuck had he turned around and given her that stupid wink? That made him just like every other dude out there, and that was most definitely not the impression he’d wanted to leave her with.

“Fuck!” Yelling out loud didn’t give him the same satisfaction it usually did. He might have blown it right out of the gate. There was only one chance to make a first impression on her. One.

She was watching you.

That was true. When he’d turned around, she’d still been staring at him. He’d expected to see her reading again, but she hadn’t been. She’d been watching him walk away. Maybe he hadn’t blown it after all?

A second beer helped even more. The sweat finally evaporated, and his breathing returned to normal. He let every nuance of the conversation play over in his mind, trying to decide what had worked and what had not. She’d looked so relaxed and open to conversation, and he hadn’t expected that.

But did that mean he’d done everything right? He’d sensed a bit of caution, but nothing cold or off-putting. He must have made a good impression.

“Yeah. Up until you turned around and winked!”

All right. Time to stop obsessing and plan the next time he ran into her. Should it be at the park again? He’d hinted he was there often, and he already knew she was. Would it seem like too much of a coincidence, considering she said she didn’t remember seeing him there before? It might have been a mistake to let her believe he was there often. He was, but always hidden from her eyes until today.

Should he figure out a better spot to run into her next time? Christ. He sounded like a kid in high school obsessing over his first real crush. But this was Kendra. His Kendra. Everything had to be perfect. She’d been hurt too many times, and some of those times had been his doing. One false move and he’d lose her.

There wouldn’t be a second chance. He’d waited ten years to have her in his life, and he would not blow this.

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