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Claire must decide what matters: her pride or taking another chance on Liam—and love. #newrelease #romance @evernightpub @AllysonYoung45

Nothing Else Matters
by Peri Elizabeth Scott

Claire and Liam had a good thing going until he walks out of her life. Being dumped without warning is devastating enough, discovering she isn’t pregnant leaves her without even a part of him.
Withdrawing from everyone, she moves to another city and immerses herself in work, the better to forget Liam. Not that it’s working. Claire is a one-woman man, to her despair.
Back stateside after an unexpectedly long deployment, security contractor Liam Cafferty has accepted the truth: walking out on Claire makes him a coward. Thinking it for the best, given his dangerous profession, doesn’t cut it. She should have been given the choice.
With the biggest heart of any woman he’s known, he’s hopeful she might take him back and makes it his new mission to convince her.
Claire must decide what matters: her pride or taking another chance on Liam—and love.

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The streets were full of people as she used her phone to arrange an Uber. Small groups with youthful faces, couples, and the occasional single individual moved along, their destinations unknown but likely the restaurants that crowded downtown, or maybe a club later on after dusk fell. The camaraderie left her cold, and with some desperation to escape, she scanned the curb for her lift.
Maybe she was indeed crazy, choosing to cut herself off from everyone, cutting ties with her old life, all to forget Liam. Because, newsflash, it wasn’t working. She was like one of those historical romance novel heroines who languished and withered into old age after losing a beau. Whatever empty spaces that opened up in her head, past all her attempts to fill them, Liam snuck in.
While she waited, she opened her messages, trying to shut out the people and noise around her that were reminders of a different life. There weren’t many on the phone. She had no one local to give the number to, outside of work, sad commentary. She was more like one half of those werewolf or vampire couples who wasted away without their mate.
Joanne’s number came up several times, and there was also a text. Hoping nothing was wrong, she opened it.
Haven’t been able to reach u b/phone and u haven’t responded to vms. Assuming u r busy but u should know Liam is looking for u. Call me!
Suddenly lax fingers nearly let the device slip to the pavement, and she tightened her grip. Rereading the text, she remembered to breathe and swayed on her feet.
“Claire?” His familiar voice, hard on the heels of Jo’s text, was surreal. Had she conjured him?
She resisted the urge to spin wildly and shriek at the top of her lungs. It couldn’t be. She wasn’t prepared. How was this happening?
His SUV was nose-in to the curb, the back end blocking traffic and already, impatient drivers were honking. But her attention was on the tall, broad-shouldered man rounding the hood.
He hadn’t changed at all. Unless one considered the burnished skin and a leaner look. Her stare took in his appearance in minute detail, and something in her chest lurched his way, even as her feet tried to carry her in the other direction.
Hand shaking, she held it up as if to ward off an advancing horde and shook her head. “Go away!”

About the author:
Peri Elizabeth Scott aka Allyson Young lives in cottage country, Manitoba, Canada where she and her husband pretend to work well together in their seasonal business.
She has always enjoyed the written word, and after reading an erotic romance, quite by mistake, decided to try her hand at penning one. That was followed by a mix of spicy (Ally) and sweet (Peribeth) romances in various genres as well as a post-apocalyptic adventure without a lick of romance by Peribeth.
A bestselling Amazon author, a hybrid, and a coauthor, as of April 2019 she has published eight series and several standalones, with others in the works. 

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Will Savvy forgive him and give them the chance they’d lost out on ten years ago? #newrelease #romance @evernightpub @authlmspangler


Sheriff Savannah “Savvy” Douglas fell in love with a bad boy who walked out of her life. Ten years did little to dull the feelings she had for him. But a year ago he stopped calling and texting, leaving her with nothing but questions.

He was the high school bad boy… and the boy she fell in love with.

Dr. Brody Collins was about to return to the town he grew up in… and the town where the love of his life still resided. He’d broken all communications with her for a year when his past caught up with him. But he was ready to rectify the situation.

Will Savvy forgive him and give them the chance they’d lost out on ten years ago?

Read an Excerpt:

A small smile crossed his face though it never reached his eyes. “I can explain.”
“Explain what, Brody?” The question came out harsh, even to my own ears, but I plowed on. “A year. Not a text, phone call, letter, or fck you. Nothing. You ditch me and expect me to be happy to see you.” “Savvy,” he began, stepping toward me. I shoved him back until he fell onto the same rocker he had been sitting in when I arrived. “Don’t you dare “Savvy” me. The name is Sheriff Douglas.” He held up his hands. “I know you’re upset.” The anger that had been simmering became a full-on boil. “Fck you, Brody. What? Did you find yourself a woman and couldn’t bring yourself to tell me? Did you go on a year-long bender after graduation?” I turned my back on him—perhaps the hardest thing I’d ever done. My heart lurched and tears burned my eyes. I wouldn’t cry in front of him. I wouldn’t!
“You are so damn pigheaded, Savannah. But I can understand why you’re upset. I’ll come back later when you’ve had a chance to clear your head. Then maybe you’ll listen to me.”
With that, he sidestepped me and made his way to his SUV. He opened the door and paused. “I do love you.”
With a Herculean effort, I managed to hold the tears in until he was out of sight. Those tears burned a hot path down my cheeks, as I did exactly what I didn’t want to do.
Cry a river over him.
I stood on the porch, facing the lake. The sun shimmered over its surface, but was a blur to me. The shimmer became diamonds dancing atop the water as the torrent of tears slowed and finally burned out.
Leaving me raw…
And empty.

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Evernight Publishing: http://bit.ly/2v9NQKX

Smashwords: http://bit.ly/2IqYGVJ

About  the author:

LM lives close to the Maryland border in South Central Pennsylvania. Her husband is wonderfully supportive of her in all aspects of her life. She has a son who is currently serving our country in the U.S. Navy. Her daughter is still in school. She’s blessed to have the three of them in her life.

     From a young age, she remember burying her nose in a book. A love that her mother and father passed onto her brother and herself. From her passion for reading sprang her love of writing. Her mind is so often full of story ideas from the wildly paranormal to contemporary. She has notebooks lying about with story outlines and character descriptions. A song or TV show can spark an idea which circles her mind until she puts the idea on paper.

     When she’s not writing, she enjoys spending time with her family, burying her nose in a book, and watching a vast variety of television shows from crime dramas to 1970’s game to car restoration shows. She even dabbles in crafting. Her favorite craft would be jewelry making. Nothing like creating wearable art.

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If you love #historicalromace don't miss @AuthorHKCarlton The Devil Take You, read a #teaser, and discover HK's love for historicals as she talks about writing this story set in Scotland's wars of independence

The Medieval Bad Boy is Back!

Thank you so much for having me back to your blog, Elodie. I'm so excited to once again share Gard and Braelynn's story with readers. After a brief hiatus, The Devil Take You, has found a new home.

The Devil Take You, is set in 1307, during the Scottish Wars of Independence.

Here’s the blurb:

Braelynn Galbraith wants peace for her beloved Scotland, marriage to her childhood sweetheart, and a house full of children. In that order. But evil incarnate, in the form of Gard Marschand, turns her life inside out and destroys all hope of a decent marriage.

Known in the Highlands as the legendary devil, Gard Marschand raids his way across Scotland and England amassing power and property in his malevolent wake. He will stop at nothing in his pursuit to regain what is lost— even conceal his true identity and associate with his enemies. His determination is all-consuming until he and his men lay siege to Ross-shire and one feisty Scottish lass obliterates his single-minded purpose.

Can Gard abandon his deep-seated need for revenge for a love that just might save his rotten soul? Or will he succumb to the demons that hound him and surrender to the devil within?

I believe your stay in purgatory has only just begun…

Add it to your Goodreads TBR List

I love a good historical romance, don't you? 

Before I started writing; historicals were my go-to reads. I read every Julie Garwood, Judith McNaught, Kinley MacGregor, and Jude Deveraux book I could get my hands on—long before e-readers. And then I discovered the phenomenal Karen Marie Moning!

So, when I decided I was going to try my hand at writing I thought I was going write strictly historical romance. The experts say write what you know. 

And well, there's also that other saying about best laid plans... LOL

It was both interesting and hard work, getting back into this story and revisiting these characters. What hadn't changed was how much I love them. And not only Gard and Braelynn, but also the secondary characters who helped bring this story to life. It also reminded me, how much I enjoyed doing the research for the historical component, and the precarious political climate of the time as well.

I wanted to create something a bit different. So I started with a villain and I made him the center of the story. He is severely flawed and cruel, driven by anger and hell bent on revenge.

Then the hard part was, how to present him in a way that would still endear him to readers.

That was the fun part of writing this book. It was challenging right from the beginning and I knew that I had to create the right woman with a combination of strength, resilience, and an overabundance of, if not understanding, at the very least acceptance, for a man who had no remorse for any of his wrongdoings and with no inclination or desire to change. Braelynn Galbraith began as the woman in the wrong place at the wrong time, and she eventually evolved into a character that could stand toe-to-toe with the devil and hold her own.

I hope readers will enjoy Gard and Braelynn's story, as much as I did writing it.


Brae kept her back to him, too ashamed to face him.

He grabbed her by the arms with enough force to bruise her flesh, and he spun her around. He paused momentarily, his gaze darting about her tear-stained cheeks.

“You will not do that again!” he roared.

“I dinna e’en ken wha’ I did!” she retorted.

Gard bared his teeth and flung her away.

Losing her balance, she hit the wet pallet.

With as much dignity as she could muster, she stood, then brushed herself off.

Anger like she had never experienced burned in her belly. 

Brae did not consider her actions, she ran at him with this newfound fury. She hurled herself at his chest. When he reached to steady her, she raised her hand, then struck him with all her might. The blow landed on his chin.

He reared in shock.

“I willna do it again. Because ya willna touch me again! Do ya hear me? Dinna touch me!” she screamed, standing toe-to-toe with him. She would not concede. Even if he retaliated, he would have to look her in the face to do it, and she would not cower. She slapped indiscriminately. “Dinna e’er come ta me like tha’ again! Not unless ya be man enough ta finish it!”

His black eyes gleamed with fury as she struck him again and again.

“I canna take it anamore! Ya willna treat me this way! I willna have it!” Tears fell in earnest as she continued to scream like a madwoman. “I have done nuthin’ ta ya, Gard, ta deserve your rough treatment, day after day.” She punched his shoulder. “If I dinna seem like Braelynn Galbraith anamore, ya be a’righ’. ‘Tis all your fault. Ya drag me further and further inta your murky world o’ wretchedness, evra damned nigh’ ‘tis the same.”

She slammed her palms into his abdomen so hard that he took a step backward before bracing his legs apart to accept more of her attack.

She fisted her hands and pummeled him. “Ya canna stand me durin’ the ligh’ o’ day, but ya come ta me in sleep. Your unconscious desires me.” She continued to assault his person, uncaring if he would retaliate. “Ya turn ta me. Ya put us both in a state o’ bein’ tha’ I didna e’en ken existed.” She hammered at him. “And then ya leave me! And ya seek oot someone else ta expend your want.” She clenched her teeth at the pain it caused her, then she released her pent-up angst with her fists. “How do ya think tha’ makes me feel? Oh aye! I ken! Ya dinna care. Ya do wha’ ya wish. Ya are the great and powerful Gard Marschand and ya treat people abysmally and ya beat children and ya seize things tha’ arna yours. Ya kidnap women from their homes and ya ruin their lives, but as long as ya are content bein’ miserable, all is a’righ’ wit’ the warped and twisted world ya have created, built on anger and revenge!”

Crying openly, she punched him. “Ya willna do it ta me anamore. Do ya hear me? No more will ya turn me inside oot. Ya willna touch me again, Gard, fore if ya do I will turn your own dirk on ya. See if I dinna!”

* * * *

Her fists slowed.

Gard was incensed by Brae’s audacity, but he was also oddly pleased, if not extremely stimulated by the assault. Grown men did not stand up to him like she just had.

He took a moment to harness his anger. “‘Twas always the plan,” he explained, “if you have forgotten, for you to be able to defend yourself against me. And now that you truly hate me, you may just be able to bring yourself to do it.”

“God kens ‘twould be a lot less agonizin’ for me if I did!” She stomped her foot, then planted her hands in the middle of his chest and heaved with all her might. While he recovered his balance, she made for the exit, and ran for her life.

Copyright © 2019 H.K. Carlton

I hope you enjoyed the extract!
If you'd like to sample another snippet, head on over to my blog Pick a Genre Already for another sneak peek.
Happy Reading, folks!
Purchase Links:
eXtasy Books
Now available @ Apple, B&N and Smashwords 
Coming to other vendors soon
Also available in Print

Author Bio:

H K Carlton is a multi-genre Canadian author of romance, with over thirty titles in publication. From naughty to nice, historical to contemporary, time travel to space travel, and everything in between.

Variety is creativity’s playground—It’s where you’ll find me

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She lost him seven years ago. Now he’s back in her life… and back in her bed. #newrelease #romance @authlmspangler

Took You For Granted Cover

She lost him seven years ago. Now he’s back in her life…
and back in her bed.

April Donovan thought she’d gotten over Grant Carmichael.
He broke her heart, took her feelings for granted, and chose a
baseball career over her. She moved on with her life and eventually
healed. Seven years later, a chance meeting throws that theory
asunder, and several passionate moments rekindle the fire.
He wants her again—mind, soul, and...body

Read a teaser,

And in about five minutes, he would be
strolling back into her life. Not on a permanent
basis, but she would see him again, and a flood of
emotions would swallow her in their depths. She’d
want him, both with her mind and her heart. She
would fight, and she would lose the battle.
As a settlement agent, her job was to close real
estate transactions. Grant was a real estate broker
who, along with his brothers, purchased houses,
renovated them, and then flipped them for a profit.
He had been quite successful and often used
her. “April Donovan, it is you. I had wondered if
AD stood for you.”
She motioned toward a visitor’s chair opposite
her. “Mr. Carmichael. Please sit down.” No, don’t
sit. He stood astute and gorgeous in a charcoal,
three-piece suit, with a soft gray dress shirt and
burgundy tie. The slim fit complemented his
physique. The Grant she remembered had worn
jeans and T-shirts. This version was one hundred
percent eye candy.
His head tilted to the side, and his lips formed a
thin line. “We have a past. No need for formalities.”
April prayed her pulse wasn’t visibly pounding
in her neck. Her eyes bored into his. Damn, he’s
still gorgeous. His black hair was trimmed close to
his head on the sides and longer and more
disheveled on top, suiting his angular face. His jaw
was still strong and could probably still take a
punch. She had seen it happen before. Her gaze fell
to his lips—lips that could make her tremble as they
moved over her skin. Heat flooded her core, and she
clenched her thighs together.
She cleared her throat. “That is correct, Mr.
Carmichael. We did have a past, but we have
nothing now.”
His brows rose, and a slow, sexy grin turned his
lips upward. “Okay. We can play it your way.” He
lowered his six-foot, two-inch frame into the vacant
seat. “For now.”

Buy the book:
Amazon: https://amzn.to/2YScOfs
Barnes & Noble: https://bit.ly/2uSz8YN
Bookstrand: https://bit.ly/2G4U9H6
Books2Read: https://books2read.com/ap/nlvm5x/LM-Spangler

About LM:
LM Spangler lives in South Central Pennsylvania with her husband, daughter, three dogs, a cat, a rabbit, and some fish. Her son serves his country in the US Navy.
She is a fan of college football and any kind of baseball and likes to watch the Discovery, Velocity, HGTV, DIY, Science, and any channel showing a college football game. She also watches old game shows like $25,000 Pyramid and Match Game.

Social Media Links:
Facebook- https://facebook.com/lmspangler
Twitter: https://twitter.com/authlmspangler
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/authorlmspangler/