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Discover the ultimate erotic surrender. UNDERGROUND by @LisabetSarai. Dark paranormal #BDSM #EroticRomance for #Halloween.

New Release for Halloween!
By Lisabet Sarai

Dark paranormal BDSM erotic romance
7400 words
Smashwords and Amazon KDP
ISBN (Smashwords): 9780463534571
ASIN (Amazon):  B07HYDVL65
Available October 17, 2018

Discover the ultimate erotic surrender

Long Blurb

The long years before I found Underground and Z seem like some bad dream—an endless series of fetish groups and kink clubs, personal ads and bar hook-ups, as I searched everywhere for someone who could understand and satisfy my particular needs. S&M folk like to believe they're tolerant and accepting. They weren't ready to tolerate me, though.

Z doesn’t need blades or blood to take me where I want to go. His unnatural power alone would be enough. He understands how the ritual excites me, though—the slow glide of metal across my breast or along my thigh, the rush of bright pain, the flare of desire as ruby droplets gather in the knife’s wake.

I never told him about the blades and the blood. He just knew, as he seems to know so much else about me.

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PG Excerpt

We acted out the scene several times before I broached the subject of my own desires. “I love playing your dead bride,” I told him. “But it’s hard to summon the true stillness necessary for the role. What if I really were close to death? Wouldn’t that be even more exciting?”

Bruno didn’t condemn me, I’ll give him that. He listened with affection and respect before he shook his head.

I can’t hurt you, Elena. That’s not who I am.” He shrugged. “You should realize by now, I’m just a big teddy bear.”

Cutting doesn’t hurt, or not much anyway. The little bit of pain is exciting.” I squeezed his hand and ran my fingers through his wild, curly hair. “Please, Bruno? It means so much to me. You know how it is. You understand.”

I do know. That scares me, too. This thing we do together—I know it’s not right, not healthy.”

Who’s to say—?”

Let me finish. My gut tells me there’s something wrong with me—the fact that I get off on sex with a corpse. But I can’t not do it. The pull’s too strong.”

That’s how I feel about bringing myself to the edge,” I said. “It’s an overwhelming need, Bruno.”

Exactly. But what you want is far more dangerous. I care about you.” He leaned in for a quick kiss. “What if I miscalculated? Took too much?”

Then you’d get your heart’s desire,” I quipped. “You’d have a real corpse.”

Bruno scowled, his bushy eyebrows scrunching into a single line. “That’s not funny, and you know it. These things we want—they’re shameful. Horrible.”

But that doesn’t stop us from wanting them, does it?” I countered.

That put him in a black mood. Without another word, he got dressed and left my apartment. I didn’t hear from him for more than a week. Then he must have felt guilty, because he called me with the information he’d gleaned about Underground.

It was some sort of a secret club, he told me, a place where literally nothing was forbidden. Access was strictly controlled; only those deemed worthy were allowed to enter, after an extensive, intrusive vetting process. No one had ever produced pictures of the owners, but they were reported to be obscenely wealthy and eternally young. Supposedly they had occult powers.

A journalist who’d managed to get inside using a false identity had hanged himself on his condo balcony. The draft manuscript for his exposé vanished from his hard drive. The police chief who’d vowed to track down the legendary taboo venue was beaten to death in an alley. A starlet who’d pumped up her ratings by claiming to be a regular ended up mashed to a pulp in a horrific traffic accident.

The wilder rumors spoke of demons, vampires and other unearthly creatures among the patrons.
Maybe that’s what you should be looking for,” Bruno added with a sick-sounding chuckle. “Seems like a vampire would be just your thing.”

I didn’t believe in vampires. In any case, I’d never found the notion of vampires a turn-on—unlike a good fraction of the human race—though I recognized that a real blood-drinker could drain me far more easily than some top with a blade. Still, I sent an email inquiry to the address Bruno had discovered. After all, what did I have to lose?

About Lisabet

Lisabet Sarai has been addicted to words all her life. She began reading when she was four. She wrote her first story at five years old and her first poem at seven. Since then, she has written plays, tutorials, scholarly articles, marketing brochures, software specifications, self-help books, press releases, a five-hundred page dissertation, and lots of erotica and erotic romance – nearly one hundred titles, and counting, in nearly every sub-genre—paranormal, scifi, ménage, BDSM, GLBT, and more. Regardless of the genre, every one of her stories illustrates her motto: Imagination is the ultimate aphrodisiac.

Youll find information and excerpts from all Lisabets books on her website (, along with more than fifty free stories and lots more. At her blog Beyond Romance (, she shares her philosophy and her news and hosts lots of other great authors. Shes also on Goodreads and finally, on Twitter.  Sign up for her VIP email list here:

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Hookups and one-night-stands fill the ache of abandonment—but still leave her wanting.​ #newrelease #contemporaryromance Read a teaser from @AuthorLynnBurke

Without Hesitation
Sandy Ridge 2
Heat Level: 3
Release Date: October 24, 2018

Keywords: Contemporary, Romance, Series, HEA, Novella

Dumped like a bag of misshapen clay four months before her wedding, grade-school art teacher Mindy Hughson has no intention of opening her heart to anyone ever again. Hookups and one-night-stands fill the ache of abandonment—but still leave her wanting.
Attempting to find peace from the shattered pieces of her past, Mindy returns to Sandy Ridge where she's drawn to the cabin’s owner, Gage Hart. A carefree fling with a ripped hunk of fuck-a-licious beefsteak is just what she needs to fill the emptiness she feels inside. But Gage's sexy smirk, lone dimple, and deep stare demand more than just the press of her body against his. He wants her love. With his mere presence threatening her resolve to keep things simple, will the pain of her past force her to flee? Or will Mindy dare to open her heart to Gage without hesitation?


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Mindy lifted her legs and wrapped them around his waist, uncaring of the fact her dress rode up, and they stood in a public parking lot. Enough shadow hid her from view, she expected, and if not, she hoped whoever glanced at them enjoyed the show.
The hard ridge of Gage’s cock pressed against her, and the slow gyrating of his hips and thrusting tongue brought a gasp to her lips.
“Keep that hip action up,” she said as he kissed along her jaw, “and I’m going to come.”
“Hot and bothered, huh?” he whispered in her ear, his hot breath sending tingles along her spine.
“I want you.”
“I can’t keep my mind off of you, Mindy. Goddamnit.” Gage returned his lips to hers and slid a hand between them. He groaned as his fingertips rubbed along the wet silk separating their skin. “You’re fucking soaked.”
She wiggled against his hand with a moan. “I’m soaked because of you. I’ve never wanted a man like this before.”
“You’re like a drug…”
“This craving is driving me insane…”
He stared down into her eyes as his finger toyed with the edge of her panties against the inside of her thigh
“Touch me, Gage.”
He shut his eyes. Swallowed. With a groan, he slid his fingers beneath the edge of her panties and stroked up through her wetness. “I want you to come on my hand,” he whispered and leaned down, brushing his lips over hers. “I want your cum dripping off my fingers.”
She moaned and tipped her head back against the window as he slid his finger deep inside of her throbbing pussy. His thumb brushed over her clit, and she gasped, her body bucking against him.
Gage pressed in with a second finger and rubbed across her hard nub. “Come for me, baby.” He captured her lips, and Mindy’s climax ripped through her, his mouth muting her cries.
Her pussy clamped down on this thrusting fingers, trying to pull him deeper.
Not enough…
She whimpered while thrusting to meet him. “Need you,” she gasped, pulling her mouth away from him.
“Fuck.” Gage growled and bit her collarbone while flicking over her clit again.
“Oh, God!” A second climax rippled over Mindy, and she sucked in her lower lip to keep her groans contained.
Gage lifted his hand and licked his fingers clean as she panted for breath, her legs still wrapped tight around him. “You’re the sweetest thing I’ve ever tasted.”
Another rush of arousal swept over Mindy. “I want your cock inside of me, Gage.”
“Goddamn, the way you talk.”
They peered at each other in the darkness, and an ache Mindy recognized clenched her chest. Fucking only, she reminded herself, pushing the feeling away and lowering her wobbly legs.
“Let’s get back to the cabin before I beg to ride you right here in this truck.”
Gage groaned again and stepped back, adjusting himself through his jeans. “Don’t know if I can wait that long.”
“Get in the truck.”
A smirk brought out his dimple, and he pulled open her door, grabbed her purse, and ushered her up into the cab. He slammed the door and rounded the truck, and the second he climbed in, Mindy got onto her knees and reached over the console, her fingers fumbling with his jeans.
Gage slid the driver seat back all the way and took over, his steady hands making short work of unbuttoning his jeans and jerking them down off his hips. He slid his hand down his length, and Mindy bit down on her lip while grabbing a condom from her purse.
She climbed over the console, settling her knees on either side of his hips, and he reached for the condom. “Let me,” she whispered, wiping her thumb over the bead of pre-cum at his tip.
Gage tipped his head back against the headrest, grasping his base and holding his cock out toward her.
She stuck her thumb in her mouth, sucking the salty taste off with a small moan. “If there was more room in this truck…”
“Fuck,” he groaned in response, another bead rising to replace the one she’d tasted. “Hurry up before I blow my fucking load all over this pretty dress of yours.”
With a small laugh, Mindy rolled the condom down over his length and shifted closer.
“You still have your damn panties on,” he said with a growl while grasping her hips.
Mindy reached between them and slid them to the side to rub her wet folds along his straining cock. “Nothing better than a panties-to-the-side quickie in the front seat of a truck,” she said and lifted her hips up.
© Lynn Burke 2018

Other Books in this series:
Without Reservation, Sandy Ridge 1

Lynn Burke is a full time mother, voracious gardener, and scribbler of spicy romance stories. A country bumpkin turned Bay Stater, she enjoys her chowdah and Dunkin Donuts when not trying to escape the reality of city life.

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He’s everything I’ve ever wanted, and he’s completely forbidden. New to #audiobook from @AuthorPaigeW #romance #newadult

Now available in audiobook!


Sheriff’s Wanton Virgin

Author: Paige Warren
Narrator: Miranda Mendius
New Adult, Contemporary, May/December Romance
2 hours listening time

About the book:


He’s everything I’ve ever wanted, and he’s completely forbidden. I’ve been in love with my dad’s best friend since I turned five; he gave me a tiara and called me his little princess. Except, I don’t want to be his princess anymore. I want to be his queen.

I’ve taken a job at the sheriff’s department, just to be under his nose. I’ll wear my shortest skirts and my tightest shirts, and I will do whatever it damn well takes to get the sexy sheriff to notice me. Interoffice romance is frowned upon, but some rules are made to be broken.


When I walked into my office and saw the most luscious ass I’ve ever laid eyes on, the first thing I wanted to do was get under that skirt and inside her as fast as I could. And that’s precisely what I did.
Then her dad showed up and greeted his precious baby girl.

I’m well and truly fucked now. Not only did I claim the virginity of my best friend’s daughter, but I plan to take her again…and again…and again. She may be twenty years younger than me, but damn if I don’t feel eighteen again when Jilly is around.

No cliffhanger, no cheating, dual POV, HEA   

Audio Sample:  

Purchase on Audible in: United States / United Kingdom / France Germany

Also available at Amazon and iTunes


About Author Paige Warren:

Award-winning author Paige Warren spends her days weaving tales about alpha males and the women who love them. There’s nothing hotter than a man in tight Wranglers, dog tags (especially if he’s ONLY wearing dog tags!), or bad boys covered in ink. When Paige isn’t creating romantic tales, she enjoys reading and watching movies – romances, of course. If you see her out in the wild, you’ll most likely find her at Starbucks, sipping a white mocha with a distant look in her eyes as she figures out the right wording for the next scene in her latest book.

Find Paige on:  Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Amazon / BookBub  

About Narrator Miranda Mendius:

Miranda Mendius is a voice actress/narrator specializing in romance and erotica.  When she’s not falling in love with yet another leading man in her latest read, she can often be found browsing naughty posts on Twitter, scouting the gym for the hottest ass,  practicing yoga or upgrading her 3D printer.

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A power outage plunges two couples into darkness #erotica #menage Read a #teaser from @LeaBronsen

High-Risk Fever_new cover 1600x2650

  Two young and indecently handsome bicyclists visit a village in the French Alps during the summer holidays. Forced by a raging storm to spend the night at the local bed & breakfast, they invade the quiet lives of hostess Anne and her husband, Brian. A power outage plunges the foursome into darkness, encouraging new liaisons to form, life-long secrets to be unveiled, and steamy lessons to be learned. But once the storm moves on, can the four find a balance and resume their normal lives?  

 **Note: This is the Second Edition of the book previously published in 2014, with a new cover and an additional hot and super emotional chapter**  

Available from

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Excerpt 18+ 

Confident she was invisible in her dark corner of the living room, Anne silently descended the stairs one after the other with steps as soft as cat paws. At the bottom, she bent her head to see the scene unfolding at the other side. Atop the coffee table, a white candle burned next to a bottle and a glass, creating a romantic atmosphere. Behind the swirling flame, the two young bicyclists sat close together on the bordeaux couch, dressed in pullovers and sweatpants, entangled. Gentle candlelight caressed their smiling faces as they stared into each other’s eyes, murmuring words Anne couldn’t hear, and…uh…kissing. The truth hit her like a slap in the face. So that explained Todd’s hostile behavior in the kitchen, when she was talking to his lover, apparently. He thought Micaela was hitting on her! Well, he had been. An array of contradictory feelings assaulted her. She closed her eyes and sat on the stair. This was voyeurism, secretly witnessing two people’s intimacy. Jealousy and deceit, too, as a little earlier, she was the one Micaela attempted to seduce. That, and shock, because she had never before seen two men— Low moans made her open her eyes again. The guys were sharing wet, open-mouthed kisses, and fondling each other’s chests and stomachs beneath the pullovers. Whispering something into Micaela’s ear, Todd snuck a hand down to his own pants, leaned back, and pulled out his fully erect cock. Oh, God. Anne stared in disbelief. This was getting seriously pornographic! Smiling, Micaela moved a hand to Todd’s huge erection, grabbed it at the base, and leaned forward until close enough to touch its head with his half-open lips. His long, black locks slid down his shoulders, glowing in the soft light. With a guttural sound of excitement, Todd closed his eyes, moved his hand to the other man’s shoulder, and stroked him. Micaela opened his mouth and licked the tip of the thick shaft, letting his tongue glide around in playful circles before taking the length deep into his throat. In response, Todd threw his blond head back against the couch, arched eager hips to meet Micaela’s sucking, and groaned. “Oh fuck, man.” He laughed. Paralyzed, Anne blinked before shaking from her daze. She couldn’t watch this strictly private moment between two other people. Besides, at any moment, Todd could open his eyes and notice her sitting on the stairs. Then, what? Encouraging his lover with his hand, Todd laughed again, and gasped. All right, let’s get out of here. Careful not to make any abrupt movements, she stood and retreated up the wooden steps, holding her breath—but the next stair gave a small, treacherous creak under her weight. Oh, no. The sound sent icy fear through her from top to toe, and the hair on her neck stood. She imagined the clank echoing between walls in the darkened living room. Frozen, she held her breath and tried to detect any sound above the heavy rain hitting the asphalt outside. A voice, a gasp of shock, something. But, no, complete silence lingered behind her. Maybe they hadn’t heard the noise, and she could walk up the stairs pretending nothing had happened. Or…. Curiosity gnawed at her. She needed to look, wanted to know for sure. Inch by inch, she turned, careful not to make the step squeak again. She bent her knees to see underneath the ceiling and gazed at the guys on the couch. Behind the dancing candlelight, Todd’s emerald eyes were wide and set on her. Her heart jumped. Fuck, fuck, fuck. She loathed it, loathed herself. Meanwhile, Micaela’s head kept bobbing up and down in his lover’s lap, oblivious to her gaze. Nausea tightened her stomach as she stared, holding Todd’s look. Sweat formed under her armpits, and cold droplets glided down her torso, meeting the waistband of her pants. She couldn’t define what his steady, intelligent eyes were stating. In the dark, the flickering candle flame reflected his pupils, but he didn’t blink once. Maybe he just didn’t mind her seeing him getting sucked by another man. She needed to leave. The same moment she made up her mind to turn around, he threw his head against the back of the couch and closed his eyes. A long groan of pleasure escaped his parted lips. Arching his whole body, he grabbed a fistful of Micaela’s long, black hair and yanked backward. The Italian gave a throaty chuckle, but didn’t stop. As if encouraged, he moved his hand from the base of Todd’s erection to beneath the waistband and inside his pants. Though she couldn’t see him, she knew he was cupping Todd’s balls and fondling them, all the while expertly working his lips and mouth on the hard cock. Pulling harder at Micaela’s hair, Todd grimaced and began to groan in rhythm. His imminent release transfixed her. Heat filled her lower stomach. Jesus. She swayed on the stairs and leaned against the wall to steady herself. Micaela brought his other hand to Todd’s engorged cock. With a playful grin, he withdrew his mouth and kept it open above the tip while giving it short, vigorous strokes. A few more seconds of pumping, and then came his reward. Todd pressed his hips upward with a growl, and long rushes of thick white liquid ejaculated from his cock into Micaela’s open mouth. As he swallowed, more semen ran down alongside the cock’s head and over his fingers, glistening in the candlelight. Growling a last time, Todd let go of his lover’s hair and covered his grimacing face with trembling hands. "Oh, my fucking God.” He breathed hard. Indeed.  

 Copyright @ 2018 Lea Bronsen  

About the author

Lea Bronsen Lea Bronsen likes her reads hot, fast, and edgy, and strives to give her own stories the same intensity. After venturing into dirty inner-city crime drama with her debut novel Wild Hearted, she divides her writing time between psychological thriller, romantic suspense, and dark erotic romance.  
Meet Lea Bronsen on

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He only means to keep Pyk long enough to ease the ache of being alone -- he doesn’t count on falling in love. #MMerotica #MMromance #fantasy #gayerotic Read a sizzling teaser from Dulce Dennison new release @ChangelingPress @AuthorDulce

Pyk never thought he’d find his destiny deep within the shadows of the dark forest.

DD_His Touch_Web

Pyk doesn’t fit in with the light Fae, no matter how hard he tries to conform to the ways of his people. He craves things, dark things, that no light Fae should ever think about, much less desire. At four hundred years old, he thinks he should have things figured out by now, not still be feel like he doesn’t belong. Until the day the dark forest calls to him…
Prince Llewellyn was banished from his home long ago, his deformities too much for even the dark Fae to handle. Nearly forgotten, he’s lived in isolation for five thousand years. Stories of the monstrous Fae prince have become fodder for nightmares to scare Fae children into obedience. But Llewellyn lives, and he’s lonely. When a light Fae comes to him, Llewellyn demands that Pyk bow and submit. He only means to keep Pyk long enough to ease the ache of being alone -- he doesn’t count on falling in love.
When others want to destroy Pyk and use him to start a war with the light Fae, Llewellyn knows he must do everything he can to protect his mate, even if it means going home. Now that he’s found the perfect Fae to give in to his dark desires, he’s not letting him go.

WARNING: contains bondage, spanking, sex toys, anal sex, and a bit of darkness. If you don’t like over the top hot scenes between two sexy fae males that may melt your e-reader, then this book isn't for you.

Purchase October 19th at Changeling Press

Pre-Order for October 26th at Amazon, Barnes &Noble, iTunes, and Kobo

His Touch Graphic1


“So beautiful,” the prince murmured. “Seeing you stretched wide like this makes me even harder.”
Another swirl of magick warmed Pyk, and the toy began sliding in and out of him, as the prince moved around to the head of the bed. The sight of his long, thick cock was nearly enough to make Pyk come. 
Pre-cum leaked from the tip of Prince Llewellyn’s cock in a steady stream, and the prince wiped it along Pyk’s lips. 
Pyk licked his lips, and the prince’s essence burst on his tongue, a heat started building inside of him. It burned its way through his veins, making the cum in his balls sizzle, and just as suddenly as it started, the feeling ebbed until only a slight warmth remained. Pyk didn’t know what the hell was going on. He’d never experienced anything like that before, and he’d tasted the cum of other fae before. It wasn’t like he was a four-hundred-year-old virgin. 
 “Open,” the prince demanded. Pyk lowered his jaw and the prince thrust inside, not going slow or easy, just filling his mouth and sliding down his throat. The prince’s claw-tipped fingers gripped Pyk’s hair, tilting his head so the prince could fuck his mouth, forcing his cock down Pyk’s throat with every stroke. Prince Llewellyn groaned. “Yes, take all of it. Make me come then get me hard again.” 
 Between the taste of the prince on his tongue, and the pleasure from the toy in his ass, Pyk was barely hanging on. His body strained as he fought not to come, knowing the prince would be angry since he hadn’t given Pyk permission. The prince’s cock swelled and then Pyk’s mouth flooded with cum. He eagerly swallowed every drop, that strange warmth spreading through him again, then continued to lick and suck Prince Llewellyn’s shaft until he was just as hard as before. 
 “Nearly time,” the prince murmured, caressing the side of Pyk’s face as he slipped free of Pyk’s mouth. Prince Llewellyn moved behind Pyk and eased the toy from his ass. 
Pyk felt thoroughly used, and still ached to come. The prince’s tail brushed Pyk’s thigh before circling around his cock, stroking his shaft. He groaned and squeezed his eyes shut tight in an effort to keep control of himself. The prince’s hands caressed his hips and back, and as the prince’s tail moved faster, squeezed harder, Pyk couldn’t hold on anymore. With a cry, he came, spilling his release across the bedding under him. 
 “Naughty light fae,” the prince said, his voice deep and delicious, filled with dark promises. “You’ll have to be punished.” 
 Pyk whimpered as the prince drew away from him, his tail still wrapped tight around Pyk’s cock. If anything, it seemed to squeeze him harder. Pyk didn’t know what his punishment would be, but he eagerly waited to see what the prince would do. 
 The prince’s hand cracked against Pyk’s ass, making him cry out in shock, then moan as the sting started to burn. The prince spanked him again and again, until both of Pyk’s ass cheeks felt like they were on fire. By the time the blows stopped, Pyk’s cock was hard again, and his cheeks flushed at the thought of getting hard while the prince abused his ass. He secretly wanted to beg for more. 
 Prince Llewellyn parted Pyk’s ass cheeks, making him cry out in both pain and anticipation. The prince’s hard cock slid deep without any hesitation. Pain sparked along Pyk’s nerves at the sudden intrusion, and how fucking big the prince was. Prince Llewellyn didn’t take him slow, or easy. He fucked him, taking what he wanted. If Pyk whimpered, the prince drove into him harder. Soon, it didn’t hurt as much, and it started to turn into something more. Something delicious. 
 “Beg me for it,” the prince said.
“Please let me come.” 
 The prince’s hand cracked against his ass again, even though the strokes of his cock never slowed. Pyk cried out, wondering if his tender flesh was bruised. 

“That wasn’t what you were supposed to beg me for. Ask for my cum.” 
 “Please,” Pyk said with a gasp. “Give me your cum. Fuck your cum into my ass.”

The prince pounded harder into him, and his tail stroked Pyk’s cock faster. The prince’s release filled his ass, and still he kept thrusting, almost as if he were trying to pound it in deep. “Come for me, little light fae,” the prince murmured. “Squeeze my dick with this tight ass. Show me how much you’ve loved this.”

Pyk cried out as he spilled his release on the bedding again, his ass clenching down on the prince’s cock. 
Prince Llewellyn thrust harder and deeper until he came again. Pyk could feel the prince’s cum sliding out of him even though he was still stuffed full of the prince’s cock. 
Prince Llewellyn murmured sweet words to him, as those claw-tipped hands stroked down his back and his hips. He ground his pelvis against Pyk’s ass. “So good,” the prince said softly. “So very good. My sweet, submissive, little light fae. How eager you are.”


With an overactive imagination and a penchant for making up stories, was it any wonder Dulce Dennison decided to be an author? From cowboys to shapeshifters, she has a story for them all, but her passion lies in writing m/m romances. Dulce believes in love in all shapes and sizes, and that everyone deserves a happily-ever-after.
Follow Dulce on Amazon and Facebook