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Find a romantic #MidWeek #teaser from Candle Magic

#MidWeek Tease from Candle Magic

When Simi finds a pretty old candlestick among the discarded props in the company storeroom, she never imagines it will grant her dearest wish. There’s something mysterious about the carved candlestick, but Simi is drawn to it. She’s saved a red candle from a box she bought years ago in an antique shop, and intends to use the candlestick to hold the last candle and make her solitary Christmas lunch more festive. It’s Christmas Eve, there’s sleet in the wind, Simi slips, but Jason catches her. Who is Jason? Where has he suddenly appeared from in the night?
Simi looks into the eyes of this gorgeous man and sparks fly …

Erotic fantasy romance from Siren Publishing and Elodie Parkes

The biting wind penetrated Simi’s coat as she teetered along on her black spike heels. Their sharp click on the sidewalk was the only human-associated sound other than her occasional sigh in the dark night. She pulled her hands from her pockets and crossed her arms over her body to shield herself a little. Not far to go. There was rain in the wind now and it felt like ice as the splatter hit her face. The weather forecast had been for snow. The sky was leaden with something unshed, and Simi quickened her pace as not snow or rain, but sleet started to fall.
Her shoulder bag bumped against her hip as she walked and Simi wondered if she should have left the bulky item behind at work until after the holidays, but the gift it contained from Kris Kringle was the only one she’d get to open on Christmas morning. She could have left the candlestick, but then again, she’d so liked it. Her last red candle would fit and make her solitary Christmas lunch more festive.
Another sigh escaped her. Not for the first time that day, she wished she had a boyfriend, someone who loved her. He would have helped me clear up, poor Carl would have gone home earlier, and we would have made it to the last subway train that came out this far on Christmas Eve. I wish I had a gorgeous, kind, gentle, sexy man. I wish…the huge clock on the deserted town hall startled her with the first resonant chime of twelve. Midnight. So it’s Christmas day and I’m going to spend it alone, again.
Simi hurried on past the huge fir tree decorated with bright white fairy lights. The seventh chime of twelve echoed out. A car suddenly sped by, sending a spray of icy water up onto the sidewalk and drenching her calves. The shock made her falter. One of her spike heels caught between pavers that had cracked in the summer. Simi fell as the heel broke off from the shoe and the last stroke of midnight faded away.
She didn’t reach the cold, hard pavers.
Two strong male hands grasped her waist, lifted her, and set her on her feet. A deep, attractive voice asked, “Are you okay?—You’re not. You’re freezing and your shoe is broken. Let me help you. I’m here for you.” He held her shoulders, taking some of her weight as Simi limped to face her rescuer.
She looked up and into the eyes of a gorgeous man. Strands of his thick dark hair glistened in the light, thrown off by the strings of fairy lights threaded through the branches of the trees lining this part of the sidewalk. The sleet lent a sheen to these strands and lit him up as if he, too, was a Christmas decoration. Simi gazed at him. She drank in the perfect features of his face. Her eyes dipped to take in his obviously muscled body under his clothes. His overcoat hung open over a black suit. He wore a gleaming white shirt and a black bow tie. He’s perfect.
“I’m fine, thank you,” her voice scratched out.
He gave her a look just short of amused, but definitely disbelieving.
“I know otherwise. Please, it’s Christmas. Let me be here for you.”
The sincerity in his voice soothed her. Trepidation left her, replaced by hope. Bizarre, considering he could be a murderer. She hopped a step.
The gorgeous man stooped and pulled the heel from the paver crack. He grinned at her mischievously and put it in his pocket.
Simi let her shoulder bag dangle from her arm and tried to walk with one foot five-and-a-half inches higher than the other.
The delicious man held her arm gently. He took her bag and slung it over his shoulder.
“I’ll carry that. Put your arm around my waist and lean on me.” He slipped his arm around her shoulders.
She did as he asked. His hard body under her arm comforted her. Simi tried another step. It was still a limp, but suddenly amused, she laughed. She looked up into his handsome face.
“If I’m going to be hanging onto you, I should know your name.”
“Jason. My name’s Jason, and you’re…?”
Simi was lost in the sound of his voice and the flow of delicious tingles down her body as his arm tightened around her. She whispered, “Simi.”
He smiled, his eyes alight with emotion. “That’s a beautiful name. A lovely, soft name for a beautiful girl.”
Copyright Elodie Parkes, Siren Publishing
Please note this book is 18+
4 and 1/2 stars from Manic Readers "I loved it"
4 stars from Love Bites and Silk
"I got lost in this beautiful fantasy romance filled with Christmas magic. Ms Parkes has such a tender way of writing erotic romance that brings you heart-warming stories as well as stories that warm your body up."
Readers' Favorite 5 stars
"This is a very sexy romance.... if you like steamy romances with hot men who appear out of thin air like magic and grant your sexiest wishes, this book is for you! Jason was an amazing character! Gorgeous, sexy, in the right place at the right time. But he was also mysterious and kept me guessing." 
Please note this book is 18+

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Saturdaysnippet from #contemporaryromance #fantasy Forever Blue


Today's #teaser  from Forever Blue, erotic romance, fantasy from Hot Ink Press

Jasper stood silently by the holly tree and close to the biggest potted trees. One of them was shaped into a ball. He liked that. When the conservatory door opened and Claudie stepped out, he froze in the darkness and the shadow of the holly. The house security lights had recently failed on that side of the wall, but she was silhouetted in the glow from the working lights by the other side of the door.
Jasper watched her sniff the night air. He saw her expression. She looked puzzled. Then she was walking towards him. He tried to melt further into the shadows.

She picked up a garden fork that leaned against the house wall and held it out in front of her. The row of metal prongs looked lethal.
“I can see you. Who are you? What do you want? You have ten seconds to beat it, buddy, and then I scream for my husband.”

Jasper’s surprise pinned him to the spot. She can see me. How is that possible? Unless, unless, she is the one.

He saw her hesitate. He knew there was no husband, and now she must be deciding he’d called her bluff. If she could see him, then maybe she’d be able to hear him too.
“I’m sorry. I was only taking shelter from the rain for a few minutes. I don’t mean any harm.” He held out his hands by his sides in a gesture meant to convey that he was harmless.

She raised the garden fork a little as if his movement scared her.

He bent his head and his shoulders drooped. “I’m really no threat. I’ll leave, if you let me pass.”

She put down the garden fork. “What are you doing out here? There’s nothing around for miles. The road leads nowhere.”

Jasper edged sideways to leave. His thoughts tumbled in his head. A weight of sadness threatened to force tears from his eyes. He could only just bear the thought that she was afraid of him. He stuttered. “I…I’m lost.”

Claudie looked at him intently.

 He saw her frown.

“I can call you a cab. Where are you going?”
He shook his head. “No. I’ll walk back along the lane to the road.” Jasper moved, this time more quickly.

Claudie stepped back, but called. “Wait. You’re drenched. I can’t see anyone just wander off into the night like that.”

Jasper’s heart contracted. He wished he’d met her in the day, on the road, or somewhere she wouldn’t decide he was a threat. She could be the one and he loved her. His stomach ached with sorrow. He turned and in a burst of speed, he fled. 

A mist of spruce perfume hit Claudie and she stared after him.

He stopped at the bottom of the garden and looked back. She was inside, locking the door and he could see she still had the garden fork leaning against her hip in readiness. She’d taken it in for a weapon. He shook his head. How strange, he’d watched her all summer, and she’d shown no sign of knowing he was there. What alerted her to his presence this night? He felt desolate. He leapt the box that hedged the back of her garden and ran the length of the field.

Copyright Elodie Parkes , Hot Ink Press
Manic Readers review
Forever Blue is a lovely little love story. It is ethereal to the max, and I pictured it, if it was a movie, as being shot with a soft focus lens, with muted colors. That is a testament to Parkes’ ability with the descriptive word.
I loved the story, not so much for the love, but for the other worldliness of the whole thing which takes over the story and the 
Please note this story is 18+

‘Forever Blue,’ my release with Hot Ink Press, was inspired by the woodland near where I live. There’s a mysterious feel about the woods in autumn. It often feels as if something is watching. From the window of the room where I write, I can see across to nearby woods. I hear owls hoot at night. At dusk and dawn, there are strange mists that rise from the trees. It’s very lovely.
Find Elodie:

Below the blurb for Forever Blue

Claudie loves living in the countryside and close to the forests. She’s a filmmaker and works for the wildlife trust. One night she steps onto her patio and sees a man sheltering there. She confronts him and he runs away.
Jasper has watched Claudie for a year. He fell in love with her, but he has a secret, one that might mean he can never approach her.
Will love and fate find a way?
What secret must Jasper hide?

Contemporary holiday romance novelette teasers from 'Color my Christmas'

Color My Christmas - Banner


TITLE – Color My Christmas AUTHOR – Natalie-Nicole Bates GENRE – Contemporary holiday romance novelette PUBLICATION DATE – 11/11/ 2015 LENGTH (Pages/# Words) – 10,400 words PUBLISHER – Books To Go Now Publishing

Color My Christmas - CoverAfter an unfortunate incident, Dr. Timothy Martin’s career as a surgeon is in tatters. Unable to cope with the changes in his life, his mother insists he visit Meggie Marie, a woman she says can perform miracles with her alternative therapy.
Timothy is reluctant, but maybe Meggie is his last chance to heal.
When he sees Meggie, he is intrigued by the eccentric woman with vibrant red hair, who wears tie-dye and flower headbands. When he gets to know her, she becomes something else to him – hope, joy, and maybe even love.
But is Meggie for real, or is she simply providing him with her special brand of therapy?
With Christmas just around the corner, has Timothy found his Christmas miracle, or is Meggie’s motive something darker waiting to be discovered?

  Color My Christmas - Teaser 1


She walked to the window and turned back to him. “Come here, Timothy, I want to show you something.”
He got up from the couch, quite curious. It was dark outside now, and the main street below was still in full swing. People walked up and down the street. Each store was brightly lit, and gaily decorated in festive colors.
“Look at that, Timothy.” She stood so close, he could hear her gentle breath, and feel the heat from her body. “This is Christmas. This is life.”
He placed his hand on the icy window. Perhaps it was time to let go of what he couldn’t change, and embrace what was still real. If he was strong enough to do it. He stole a glance at Meggie who stared with delight at the hustle and bustle below. Maybe with this woman by his side, he could very well pull himself back from the depths of hell and rejoin the living.

  Color My Christmas - Teaser 3


Natalie-Nicole Bates is a book reviewer and author.
Her passions in life include books and hockey along with Victorian and Edwardian era photography and antique poison bottles. Natalie contributes her uncharacteristic love of hockey to being born in Russia.
She currently resides in the UK where she is working on her next book and adding to her collection of 19th century post-mortem photos.
Visit Natalie online at Color My Christmas - Teaser 2

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Can love really heal all wounds? 'Incandescance' from guest author @xunairaj #chiklit #romance #coverreveal

Cover Reveal Banner


TITLE – Incandescence AUTHOR – Xunaira J. GENRE – Chick lit Romance/ Women’s literature/ PUBLICATION DATE – 14-Febuary-2016 LENGTH (Pages/# Words) – 100,000 words PUBLISHER – Amazon
Incandescence - Cover
Alisha had everything she ever wished for: a loving family, a career and friends who doted on her. But a late night at work, a cup of coffee, and a burning candle changed her life forever. Then Anis--a tall, dark, and handsome engineer, heir to his father's vast empire--walks back into her life. After a brief meeting a few years ago, she isn't sure he'll remember her. When he does, he wants to help her overcome her life-changing injuries. Has her accident scarred not only her skin, but also her soul?
Incandescence is a story of love and friendship in the face of disaster, and one young woman's quest to make the most of her new life.

Author Photo Xunaria J AUTHOR BIO

As a thirteen year old teenager, Xunaira J. aspired to be an author someday. From short stories to novellas, she has written them all but as an adult now, she has published two short stories and is now aiming to publish her first Novel, Before Time, scheduled for November release. Xunaira resides in Islamabad, Pakistan and enjoys a hot cup of cappuccino, a good romance novel and her favorite music from the 80's. Apart from that, when she's not working on her current literary project, she loves developing mobile applications and studies as a software engineer.

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Author @HywelaLyn is on tour with 'Starquest' Sci-Fi romantic adventure plus a #giveaway to enter

Starquest - Banner


NB: This is the first book of a three book series but each one is complete and can be read as a ‘stand alone’.

Starquest - Cover
When Jestine Darnell is rescued from her sabotaged starship by the crew of the Destiny her only objective is to complete her mission and keep her promise to save a world from slavery. Love is the last thing on her mind. However, she has not counted on losing her heart to Kerry Marchant the ship’s second in command, who makes his distrust of her painfully obvious, despite the chemistry between them. The completion of her mission has consequences neither of them could have foreseen.
Enter Dahll Tarron, who becomes involved in a long and dangerous quest to find the Destiny. Fates become intertwined, perils shared, culminating in the realization that sometimes love may be so close there is a danger it will not be recognized until it is too late…



“Oh, yes.” He smiled, that rare, flashing smile, which made her senses reel. “I too have had dreams. Jon and I have been friends since we were boys and long ago we decided we would build a ship as great as any seen on Earth. This ship...a ship to take us away from the stagnation and oppression of the Union.”
“It must’ve cost—”
“The Earth?” he looked amused. “Not quite, although Jon came from one of the wealthiest families in the Union. The Destiny was built with his money, plus that of a few other interested parties.”
“And your design?”
He nodded. “The initial design, anyway. I know every inch of her, every circuit, every detail down to the smallest component.” He held her closer. “I saw her grow from an image in my mind to a ship faster and more advanced than anything in the Allied Planets. I thought it was all I needed...until now.”
He looked deep into her eyes. “Jess, the Destiny means a great deal to me, but I would give her up without a moment’s hesitation, rather than lose you.”
“That’s a choice you’ll never have to make.”

Author Photo - Hywela Lyn


Hywela Lyn was born and spent most of her life in Wales where the beautiful countryside and legends inspired her writing. Although she now lives in a small village in England, she is very proud of her Welsh heritage and background. She enjoys weaving romantic tales of the future, and distant, mysterious worlds. Her pen name is a combination of her first two names.'Hywela’ is Welsh and her first name but it was never used and she has always been called by her second Christian name, Lyn. One thing remains constant in her writing: The power of love. Love, not only between the hero and heroine, but between friends and siblings, and for their particular world and the creatures that share it.
She is passionately fond of all animals, especially horses. She lives with her long suffering husband, Dave, and has two horses, a ‘feral’ cat and an adopted lovable but manic terrier called Choccy.
Hywela Lyn’s debut novel, 'Starquest', a futuristic romance is published by The Wild Rose Press who also published her second book in the Destiny series, 'Children of the Mist'. ‘Beloved Enemy’ which continues the Destiny series is coming soon from the same publisher.



Starquest - NecklaceStar lariat necklace and download of Starquest
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Christmas in DC from guest author @catibbitts

Blitz Package Banner
TITLE – Christmas In DC AUTHOR – C.A. Tibbitts GENRE – Romantic Suspense PUBLICATION DATE – 12/1/15 (re-release) LENGTH (Pages/# Words) -11,200 words PUBLISHER – Booktrope Entice COVER ARTIST – Nancy Colbert-Hardy

Christmas In DC - Cover
While earning her degree as a paralegal, Naomi works as Will's assistant where he teaches law. After graduation, she learns that Will is transferring to Washington, DC to work for the Senator.
When Will asks Naomi to work with him in DC, it doesn't take her long to accept the offer. Now, no longer professor and student, the hidden attraction is unmistakable.
In her new endeavor Naomi learns a heartbreaking discovery that makes her question if she really ever knew Will at all.


Christmas in DC - Teaser 1
“You're leaving Atlanta? What sort of job?”
She walked closer, and he had this urge to silence her questions with a kiss. Where did that come from? He quickly explained the job he'd taken at the new senator's office with the condition that he could hire the staff.
“And I want you,” he finished. Was she blushing?
He took her hand and the sharp intake of her breath was noticeable. “Come with me, Naomi. It will be exciting. I promise you will make much more than a normal paralegal does.”
She squeezed his hand. “Can I take a day to think about it?”
“You have until the morning. The flight is tomorrow night.”


Author Photo - CA Tibbitts
Hi! I'm a New York Times Bestselling author from the Midwestern United States. I'm an avid reader of anything romance! I've worked as a travel agent, nursing assistant, and a paralegal before chasing my dream of full-time writing. I love to travel, swim, cook, and I'm more than a little addicted to a certain social media website...
Currently, I write paranormal and science-fiction romance. My plan is to branch out in several romance sub-genres, but my books will always end in the infamous happily ever after.
Always hot, always sexy, my male characters will protect their women at all costs, and my female characters will be... I like to call it "feisty." I believe every story and character should be unique, and it’s something I always strive to do.
Reading should be an escape from everyday life, so I hope you enjoy my version of a vacation for you!
Fun facts about me: 1. I love birds! I have one (a parakeet). 2. I’m double-jointed, which led to teasing as a kid (which I also found funny)! 3. I have a shoe addiction! Mainly embellished flip-flops, but other kinds too (not heels, I’d break my ankles). 4. I missed a college 4.0 GPA in the very last semester when one professor gave me a B (still upset about that!)! 5. I am very OCD about certain things (see #6). 6. I have an extensive DVD/Blu-ray collection and it has to be kept in alphabetical order! 7. My favorite vacations involve a cruise. I’ve been on 15 so far! 8. I’m quiet and sort of shy until I get to know a person. 9. I’m quick witted and believe sarcasm is my best friend. 10. I hate hot weather.

Christmas in DC - Teaser 3
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A Most Unlikely Countess from guest author @vllocey new release in her To Love a Wildcat series

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TITLE – A Most Unlikely Countess SERIES – To Love a Wildcat Series AUTHOR – V.L. Locey GENRE – Erotic Hockey Romance PUBLICATION DATE – Sept. 15, 2015 LENGTH (Pages/# Words) - 144 pages PUBLISHER – Gone Writing Publishing COVER ARTIST – Dawne Dominique - DusktilDawn Designs
Naked man in hockey helmet and skates
Painfully shy Liz Argon probably shouldn`t be dreaming of Veikko Aho, star goalie for the Philadelphia Wildcats. As she works side by side with 'The Count of the Crease' on his memoirs, she finds herself falling for the handsome goaltender. His tender ways with her and her mentally fragile mother are slowly claiming her heart. If only Veikko wasn`t already engaged to a woman far better suited to move in to 'The Count`s' world. In book two of the To Love a Wildcat series, we`ll see if a glass slipper can survive in the rough and tumble world of professional ice hockey.


We lay on our backs, all traces of unease gone from my body. I don`t remember dropping off. Sleep crept up on me on stealthy tippy-toes to tug me unknowingly into its embrace. I recall waking up a few minutes later though. My eyelids sluggishly crawled upward. Sky blue eyes enveloped me. We were lying facing each other, Veikko and I. I wanted to say something witty or erudite but nothing came. All I did was nod when he silently asked for permission with his eyes. He rose up on one elbow. His head dipped. Just as his lips brushed mine, I closed my eyes. That soft brush of mouth on mouth sent my pulmonary system into a wild spiraling escalation. Using every sense but sight I emblazoned this moment onto my memory banks, because I knew, I just knew, nothing would ever top his mouth on mine.
Smell let me know the linens were fresh and he had used soap with a hint of elderberry. Touch informed me that he was moving as he put greater pressure on my pursed lips. Hearing told me his breathing was steadier than mine. Taste was screaming at me about how badly it was being denied. A tender touch of his tongue across the seam of my lips…taste sighed in rapture when I tentatively flicked the end of his tongue with mine. The man murmured something against my mouth as his weight shifted again. The words were in a foreign language. It didn't matter if I understood him or not. Veikko was kissing me and not without passion.


V.L. Locey loves worn jeans, yoga, belly laughs, reading and writing lusty tales, Greek mythology, the New York Rangers, comic books, and coffee. (Not necessarily in that order.) She shares her life with her husband, her daughter, two dogs, two cats, a flock of assorted domestic fowl, and three Jersey steers.
When not writing spicy romances, she enjoys spending her day with her menagerie in the rolling hills of Pennsylvania with a cup of fresh java in hand. She can also be found online on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and GoodReads

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Chelsea O'Neal visits the blog with 'Garnet's Queen'

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TITLE – Garnet’s Queen SERIES – Angel Crest Trilogy Book 3 AUTHOR – Chelsea O’Neal GENRE – Urban Fantasy/ Paranormal Romance PUBLICATION DATE – September 24, 2015 LENGTH – 146 pages PUBLISHER – Mirador Publishing COVER ARTIST – Cover Design by Melody Simmons

War has come to the castle in Garnet City. With Daniah’s fate hanging in the balance, the close group of Zoku must come together and overpower the resistance, as well as protect the humans.
Lives will forever be altered. Secrets are revealed. One person must decide whether to continue on the path of destruction or follow the Everlasting, while another learns she can be more than she ever had the opportunity to be.
As the Zoku army fights back against the evil Devlo, they turn to their faith, and rely on strength, hope, and love. But, will this be enough? Can they overcome Daniah’s missing presence, or will this be what evil needs to win, once and for all? The ultimate fight between good and evil will clash in this final chapter of the Angel Crest Trilogy.


“Will you just leave already?” I demand, swiping at my tears and feel the welcomed anger eclipse the pain of hurt. Orion looks at me in surprise for a moment then his eyes darken, determination setting in, there is no other way to describe it. He nods once then climbs over the bed and backs me against the wall, crowding me in. “Now you listen, Tiger, I thought I had made myself abundantly clear, and I don’t wish for you to misunderstand again.” Orion takes a deep breath as I hardly dare to breathe. “I have loved you almost since that first look where you sized me up, your amazing mind deciding whether or not to rabbit. I have loved you almost from the moment you looked at me with those big, beautiful eyes, confused as I called you beautiful.” His finger gently caresses my cheek and jawbone. Feeling slightly light headed from lack of oxygen, I suck in a deep breath, letting it out shakily as I see the emotion he talks of in his eyes. “I have loved you from the moment you cared for Lothar, a male you didn’t know, as sweetly as if he were your lover. You are beautiful, honest, and have the tenderest heart of anyone I know. I want to be around you and with you more than anyone else in my life.” Orion pauses, and after a deep breath, he cups my face in his big hands and breathes, “I love you, Mallory, please believe me.” He wipes the tears that are still falling from my cheeks with his thumbs, looking intently at me as I sputter, “But . . . but there is nothing here for you.” He frowns for a second then seems to understand what I am saying. “That’s why you are hurting.” He pulls me into his arms, holding me close, and it feels like he is putting me back together, one piece at a time. His expression is pained when he pulls back. “There is nothing for me to do here, for the moment, that’s what I meant. I just want you safe, I don’t know how I could live if something happened to you.” Relief so great spreads through me making my body tingle, and I slump a little realizing that what I heard was not at all what he meant, and after the relief comes the familiar love that I have been pushing back. “I love you too, Orion. Though it scares me,” I whisper. Orion tenses then forces my chin up to look at him. “I would never leave you willingly, never. I want all of you, always.”


Chelsea O'Neal lives in her fantasy world where people can fly, vampires could be real, money is never an issue and the romantic meeting of your true love is a normal happening. When not relaxing in Chelsea-ville, she enjoys talking with animals who talk back and taking long walks with her prince charming.
Actually Chelsea lives in the United States in Nebraska, where she was born and raised, with her black lab Daisey, who hasn't spoken actual words to her but she is pretty sure Daisey understands her. She is yet to meet her prince charming, though she is quite sure he is out there. Chelsea enjoys working as a youth librarian. She is an avid reader and writing has always been her passion. Chelsea has written 3 novels and a novella, she is working on her next book now.

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Alert the Media, its @MiaFoxBooks on the blog today #chicklit

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TITLE – Alert the Media SERIES – Hollywood Hotties AUTHOR – Mia Fox GENRE – chick lit/social satire PUBLICATION DATE – already published LENGTH (Pages/# Words) - 225 PUBLISHER – Evatopia Press COVER ARTIST – Eden Crane
When you’re an entertainment publicist, there’s no better cure for a broken heart than to Alert the Media...
April and Ryan Monahan are the perfect Hollywood couple. He’s a handsome actor on the rise; she’s a high-powered entertainment publicist. Her job becomes more demanding, however, when Ryan announces he is gay and wants a divorce.
Believing that her persuasive power over the press will give Ryan the publicity he craves, April launches a swift media campaign to make him realize that he can’t live without her. But Ryan has decided that he likes the dating scene and April’s boss insists that she keep him happy as his account is important to the firm.
To her dismay, April is forced to protect her firm’s bottom line by maintaining Ryan’s status as a Hollywood heartthrob while enduring her own heartbreak. As she picks up the pieces of her destroyed marriage, April is determined to compete with Ryan for power, publicity, and true love -- even when her imagination takes her from the board room to the bedroom.
To save her sanity, her corner office, and her two dogs from becoming caught up in an ugly custody battle, April constructs a plan to use her media savvy skills to her advantage.


I entered the office conference room to find my assistant, Bebe, busily applying a green tea, mud mask to our Creative Director’s neck. Thus far, my assistants have either needed extensive training, or have just reached the point where they are well-trained and realize they are too advanced to be an assistant. Bebe was thankfully at the in-between stage, good for at least another six months before the threat of quitting would arise unless given a raise. She had also recently relocated to Los Angeles from Atlanta so hopefully she didn’t have enough connections for me to worry about her being poached by another firm. The only obvious health benefit I could discern from Bebe bathing Josh Cohen in this green goo was he couldn’t request anything from me for fear of cracking its cakey exterior. 
The firm’s president, Bruce Lindsay, was the only person senior to Josh. My three years at Cohen & Lindsay Creative revealed that Bruce brought forth the money, while Josh supplied an element of peculiar that the media and our clients interpreted as “genius.” 
I stepped over Josh’s supine figure and leaned down to where Bebe was kneeling amidst bowls of slime. “I don’t suppose you could give me a hand?” I asked. 
“Of course. Just as soon as Josh has been thoroughly cleansed.” 
“Send him to church,” I whispered. “I need you more.” 
Another ten minutes passed before Bebe appeared. “What took you? I’m on the verge of a life seizure.” 
Within the hour I had Bebe retrieve that day’s edition of Hollywood Reporter and Daily Variety before Josh retreated into the bathroom with them. I never liked reading the mags after someone else had folded and fiddled with the different sections, disrupting their natural order and creasing the pages. The thought of going through a paper that had been exposed to Josh’s bathroom air was even worse. 
“Are they fresh?” I asked. 
“Of course, they’re pre-prune,” she said knowingly. 
I grabbed for the papers and began feverishly turning the pages until I found what I wanted. 
“Ooh, news about Ryan? Hurry, I wanna see, too,” she said leaning over my shoulder. 
I fumbled with the papers a minute, turning to the “First Look” and “Talent Watch” 
sections, trying in vein to find any news about Ryan that might give me a sign as to who or what had brought on this epiphany. “Bebe, I don’t think we’re in luck this morning.” 
“Okie dokie, I’ll just check on Josh if you don’t need me.” 
I waited until Bebe skipped across the hall to Josh’s office before returning to the section that would really give me an horoscope. 
Aries: Love relationship on tender hooks while moon is in Jupiter; give partner space for personal growth. Focus on quiet solitude to promote healing. 
I understand the theory of planetary pull, but in my experience, the planets never pull for me. The realization has forced me to discover my own astrological solution. If I find anything remotely negative with my horoscope, Aries (March 21-April 20 to be exact), I search for another sign more suitable. I figure with rising signs, birth signs, moon signs, and sun signs we’re all somehow related to nearly every sign. When the planets are completely ignorant of my needs, I form a sort of horoscope soufflé, gently folding in portions of one reading to add to another. 
My mother, a devout horoscope follower and Hints from Heloise reader, is convinced my practice can only lead to heartache and poor investments. My sister, Melissa, fears horoscopes reduce spontaneity by causing unnecessary consideration of one’s actions. In the continuum of my family, I fall somewhere in between. 
“Give partner space for personal growth.” Right. As if I could sit idle and allow Ryan to nab more boyfriends than my life’s total. I had to do something to correct this injustice. Ryan was obviously insane, and I was meant to be with him!


Mia Fox is a Los Angeles-based novelist who writes across varied genres including Young Adult/New Adult Paranormal Romance, Steampunk, and Chick Lit. She received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications from U.S.C.
Before writing full time, she worked as an entertainment publicist, a career she chronicles in her novel, “Alert the Media.” However, she is happy to leave that world behind her, preferring that any drama in her life is only that which she creates for her characters.
She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, three children, Casey, the Wonder Westie, and Bean, his brother.

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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

From guest author @MonicaGarry Christmas Confusion #romanticcomedy

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Title – Christmas Confusion Series – Bailey’s chaotic life Author – Monica Garry-Allen Genre – New Adult/Romantic Comedy Publication Date – 11/03/14 Length (Pages/# Words) – 46,000 Publisher – Driven Independent Media Cover Artist – Driven Independent Media
~Bailey Cooper has fallen in love – sadly the man she’s in love with already has a man. Sounds complicated doesn’t it? ~
Christmas Confusion - Cover
Bailey Cooper is very much attracted to her neighbor, Max Davis. Unfortunately for her, Greg – Max’s lover, is slowly becoming one of Bailey’s best friends. Bailey’s emotions are torn. She adores Greg’s friendship while at the same time she craves Max’s touch.
What’s a girl to do when she ‘thinks’ the man she’s in love with is in love with someone else?
Max Davis and his baby brother Greg Davis are co-owners of the apartment building they live in. Max has fallen for his tenant, Bailey, but she avoids and ignores all of his advances. It doesn’t take long for him to become suspicious of the friendship blooming between Greg and Bailey. He believes Bailey has a crush on his brother, but Max wants his shy little neighbor all to himself. Now he has to think of ways to keep Bailey and Greg apart, which is ridiculous since Greg isn’t even in to women. Time to break that news to his neighbor and hope it causes her attention to swing his way.
Will a holiday weekend full of chaos, confusion and a little bit of charm finally get Bailey and Max on the right track? Or will a few innocent caresses lead to more Christmas confusion?


Max scooted back on the couch, he reached toward Bailey, eyes straying to her legs. Even though she wore jeans, he still pictured her legs bare, like they were when she jumped on his counter. Her eyes widened as his hand came closer and closer. Max leaned forward, stretching his arm even closer to her body, he ached to touch her. His fingertips itched for a chance to slide down her body. As he moved closer, he heard her inhale deeply and he couldn’t escape the erotic images that flowed through his mind. Oh, the sounds I could cause her to make, if she would give me the chance.
Max continued edging forward, until his fingers wrapped around what he was reaching for. He picked the remote control up and moved back to his side of the couch. His hand shook slightly. Bailey exhaled. The sound sent chills over his body. Max pointed the remote at the television and pressed play.
He cleared his throat. “Do you want to start from the beginning or do you want me to find the last scene you watched?”
Max waited on her to answer but all he heard was the sound of her breathing. He kept his eyes straight forward, fearing the sight of her chest rising and falling would be his downfall. She took so long to answer that he forgot what his question was.
“Whatever you want,” she whispered, and his gut clenched. Max pressed pause.
What was his question? For the life of him, he couldn’t remember what he’d asked her. But her answer ‘whatever you want’ was the answer he craved. A thousand questions raced through his head, ‘Bailey, what do you want me to do to you with my tongue?’ Her answer of ‘whatever you want’ would be perfect for that question. ‘Bailey, what do you want me to do to you with my hands?’ Whatever you want would be the perfect answer to that question. But none of those were the question she was answering. What had he asked her?
“Or we could just watch television,” she said. “We don’t have to watch the movie, I know it’s a chick flick and you may not like it.”
Oh yeah, the movie. “No, no, we can watch the movie.” Get it together, Max.


Monica Garry-Allen has loved reading for as long as she can remember. As a child her mother always purchased books for her at her school’s book fair. Back then her favorite book was The Little Mermaid. Now days she reads and tells stories to her nieces and nephews during her weekend sleepovers.
Monica is a full time Travel Clinical Laboratory Technician. When she is not working in the lab she’s writing humorous love stories and steamy romances. She recently married the man of her dreams, Dempsey Allen, who motivates her to be the best writer she can be. She has a loving family who supports her one hundred percent and friends who can’t wait to read her next story. She resides in the southern part of Mississippi where she enjoys shopping, reading, writing and spending time with her family.


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