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New release #PNR #wolfshifters from @sirenbookstrand and @ClaredLuneBooks

 In the Beginning. Highland Wolves series no 1

   In the beginning the Goddess, Luna, honoured four wolf shifter packs with her favour. To protect them against the hunters, Luna moved her four packs deeper into the Cairngorm range. There the settlements flourished.
Balvaird leads the Brodie pack, and he's worked hard to re-establish order since he took over. Now it's time for him to find a mate. When Morag wanders onto his territory she leads him a dance and sparks fly, but it's clear they are destined for each other.
 So what can possibly go wrong? One rogue shifter is determined to have Morag for himself, but can he succeed against the will of the Goddess?  
She’d better get back now. Her shift at the cookhouse started later tonight and she had chores to do before then. She turned to set off and found herself surrounded by four huge black wolves. How did they get there? I’ve never been taken unawares before. I can’t fight four of them, and they are depute law-keepers, so no point in trying to charm them. They are bi-sexual, but they can’t mate with females unless they become the LawKeeper. I wonder which territory they are from. How did I manage to stray so far?
One of them advanced toward her slowly, and then he gave the “yip” that meant “submit.” She had no choice. She couldn’t outrun them, so she dropped to her haunches and waited. He advanced toward her, circled her, sniffing her fur, and then he nipped her right ear twice,"Shift."
When she’d shifted into human form, the four did the same. She drew in a breath. Four tall, bronzed males stood before her. They were just like the depute law-keepers in her settlement. Wide, muscled chests, narrow hips, powerful thighs, and so well endowed. She lowered her eyes. It wasn’t polite to stare at a man’s private parts, but that had never stopped her and her friends from glancing and speculating.
“What are you doing in our territory, little one?” he asked. He towered over her. Six feet, eleven inches of delicious male flesh. Down, girl. He’s a depute law-keeper. One of those four is his mate. He’s not interested in me in that way. I suppose the gift of bi-sexuality and those gorgeous bodies are some compensation for the renunciation of home and family. It doesn’t stop me looking and longing, though. Auntie May’s right. I need a mate and soon.
“Who are you? I didn’t know it was your territory.” Attack is the best form of defence, after all.
“I’ll ask the questions, and, if I’m satisfied with your answers, I may well give you the information you want.”
Typical, arrogant depute law-keepers. This lot was just like the ones in Brora.
“My name is Morag of Brora.”
“My, my, you are far from home. Are there no rules in Brora about lone females straying so far from your home settlement?”
Sarcastic depute law-keeper. He knows damn well that there are. The Goddess gave the same rules to all four packs, after all. She thought about lying, but somehow she didn’t think that would be a good idea. So she fell back on what usually worked with the depute law-keepers in Brora.
“Oh, I’m so sorry,” she said in her best girly voice. "I was so carried away by the spring and the beautiful wood that I just ran and ran without thinking.” Let’s see if that gets me anywhere.
“Did you now? Were you going anywhere in particular, or do you make a habit of this?”
“Oh no! I’m usually a good girl, but it’s spring and I needed the exercise.” She stretched and wiggled her arse, then giggled to herself. Waste of time, but it was worth a try.
“Well, Morag of Brora, there are penalties for trespassing on our lands. Come with us!”
“But, sir, I have a shift in the cookhouse tonight, and my chores to do first,” she pleaded in a breathy little voice.
“You should have thought about that earlier and returned to your settlement.” No cajoling this one.
“Yes, I know I was very foolish, sir. I won’t do it again, but it’s spring. After all that snow we had this winter, I was just aching to run the fidgets out of my hide. Don’t you ever get that urge?” she asked, dimpling up at him.
There was a snort of laughter from the other three.
“It seems we have a handful here!” one of them said.
“This one is tying you up in knots, Alex. What say we take her to DunBrodie and let the Darach deal with her? It will be amusing to see her try her tricks on him,” another suggested. Morag pouted and flounced, but it did no good. She was obliged to shift. Then the four of them, Alex in front, another behind, and the other two on either side of her, herded her through the beech woods and up into the mountains. They followed a narrow, tortuous track. Although they were forced to go in single file, there was no opportunity for her to escape. The sheer rock on one side and the steep drop on the other took care of that. She was left with no option but to keep moving forward, receiving the occasional encouraging nip if she slowed.
When they reached the settlement, the layout was exactly the same as DunBrora, so she knew where the Darach would be. This is going to take forever, and Auntie May is going to have my hide if I’m late. This stuffy old man is going to be slower than a snail. I bet he’s on his last legs. He’s going to want to know all about me, and I don’t have the time. How am I going to get out of this?
© Flora McGregor, Siren publishing 2016 
Please note this is, 
Erotic romance or erotica with explicit sex scenes containing adult language leaving little or nothing to the imagination. Sex in wolf form, public exhibition.About Clare:                  
I live in Dumfries and Galloway in Southern Scotland, although I was born in South Yorkshire. I spent many happy years teaching, and when I retired, I became bored with just the domestic routine. My youngest son challenged me to write a novel of my own, and I wrote Initiation, book one in the Prometheus in Chains series. I don't think it was quite the sort of book he had in mind, but all my family have been very supportive and encouraged me to carry on writing. Writing has become an important part of my life. It’s been like a roller-coaster ride, and a very pleasurable one at that. When I sent off my first book to Siren, I had no idea what I was setting in motion. I joined Facebook, something I never dreamed I’d do, but I have made many good friends on there, some readers and some fellow authors. Writing has certainly changed my life.
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Hawk v Falcon #coverreveal #teaser #MMromance He's never forgotten their kisses.

Hawk v Falcon, Surprise at the Candy Apple
MM Romance with a touch of suspense
When Chris Falconer receives an email from his lost high school friend, Justin, ten years after he last saw him, Chris is overjoyed. The two boys had shared kisses and sworn love for each other, but before their love could be tested, Justin’s mother abruptly took Justin out of school, and they disappeared.
Multi-talented and handsome Chris is a cage fighter at Jack’s Clubhouse, and the Dungeon Master in the Candy Apple club. He writes a column for a fitness blog and keeps himself busy, but deep down he’s never forgotten Justin—turns out Justin has never forgotten Chris either.
On a modeling assignment in New York, Justin sees Chris in a café and can’t help contacting him, but his ex, Todd, who doesn’t want Justin but doesn’t want Chris to have him either, has plans to throw their reunion into disarray.

So begins a love story full of emotion. Will Todd succeed? Or this time, will Justin and Chris have the happy ending and delicious love they deserve?
September 17 release from Encompass Ink

Read a teaser

They were in a corridor when Chris turned to him. “I’ve thought about you so much, I’m a bit ashamed of myself for clinging to your memory, when you never called, when you just disappeared.”
Justin’s heart fell. Was Chris about to reject him now they were away from the bar, the friendly barkeep, and bright white glow of the downlights there? “I’m sorry...”
“No. I meant ... I mean I still care for you. I couldn’t ever shake it. I never got over you and it’s been ... it’s been so long—you know I sometimes felt weak for not letting go.”
Justin gazed at Chris’s handsome face. “I thought about you.” He slid his hand along Chris’s jaw. “I want to kiss you, so much.”
Chris closed the small gap between their bodies as he grabbed Justin’s head and brought his mouth down on Justin’s. Justin’s breath left him in a soft murmur. His eyes closed in pleasure. He clung to Chris, desperation to stay with Chris, never to go home, gripping him. All he could think of was starting again with Chris, of the delicious drifting sensation that overcame him as Chris pressed close.
Copyright Elodie Parkes 2016 Encompass Ink , All rights reserved
Available September 17

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Busy Mom's Cheat Sheet from guest Lilly Cadoch on a #giveaway tour

Busy Mom's Cheat Sheet - Tour Banner


TITLE – Busy Mom’s Cheat Sheet AUTHOR – Lilly Cadoch GENRE – Parenting Self-Help PUBLICATION DATE – July 2016 LENGTH (#Pages/# Words) – 153 pages / 31,181 words PUBLISHER – Picki Beli Publishing COVER ARTIST – Eli Hershko
Busy Mom’s Cheat Sheet was a finalist at the 2016 Next Generation Indie Book Awards?

Finally! A book that makes it easy to understand how to feed your kid’s body, mind, and spirit for ultimate health and success.
• Do you have the desire to feed your kids healthy food but don’t know where to begin? • Are you a modern parent struggling to find balance for your children in a busy lifestyle? • Do you worry that your kids may not have all the necessary tools to reach their full potential?
Then this book is for you!
In this book you will learn how to teach your children to: • Make healthier food choices including 18 tips for foods to avoid • Have a battle-free and enriching bedtime routine • Integrate regular exercise into your kid’s weekly schedule • Incorporate time management skills to allow more free time • Reprogram their mind for success to handle life’s inevitable challenges
Includes 45 bonus recipes that are quick, easy, and delicious!
Lilly Cadoch, certified health coach, award-winning author and mother of two boys, explains in a simple and understandable way, body, mind and spiritual lessons to teach your kids. She learned these lessons the hard way over many years and vowed to change that when she had her children. After witnessing first-hand the tremendous results this has had in her family, she wrote this book to share these lessons with all caregivers and their children. This book is a quick guide aimed at simplifying a lot of information into a very accessible and easy to understand way.
For more information visit


In today’s global economy, more is expected of our kids than ever before. To have a better chance for a successful future, our kids are expected to perform from a very young age. They are taking more standardized tests than we can count, expected to excel at competitive sports, participate in extracurricular activities, all while excelling academically in their coursework. Not only that but college admissions are getting more and more difficult, with no guarantee of getting into the college of choice. As a result, we expect a lot from our kids for them to succeed.
Our goal as parents is to make sure our kids are provided with the optimal conditions in which to succeed. One of our responsibilities is to ensure our kids are eating healthy. This starts with the food we provide them. But our food supply is getting worse every day, which is only working against us. Our kids are eating more processed foods and sugar than ever before, and not enough fruits and vegetables. We live in a country where they count ketchup as a vegetable in the school lunch program and where we are not always told what is in our food supply. According to Food Chemical News, the leading news service on US food law and policy, a U.S. Senate appropriations bill also stipulates that “tomato paste used to make pizzas can be counted toward the weekly total of vegetable servings." The childhood obesity rate is at an all-time high, leading to more cases of childhood diabetes than our medical system is prepared for. It is a very sad fact that this might be the first generation that our kids’ lifespan is expected to be shorter than ours, even by five years.
That is why we need to arm our kids with the physical, emotional and mental tools so that they have a better shot at figuring out their life-path and achieving their goals. A part of arming our kids with this knowledge means that we need to communicate to our children that a healthy life starts with a healthy body. A strong body leads to a strong mind. An open, calm mind helps us discover our life’s purpose. Providing these tools to our loved ones is no easy feat considering we are already very busy caregivers. We have so much going on and adding more items to our ever growing to-do list could be enough to throw us over the edge. That coupled with the fact that the food system isn’t really in our favor and most of the food options out there are not really good for us.
Drinking water is the most important of all lessons and a habit that we want to ingrain into our children’s everyday routine. Water makes up approximately 60% of your body weight. According to H.H. Mitchell, Journal of Biological Chemistry 158, “The brain and heart are composed of 73% water, and the lungs are about 83% water.”[1] Water is involved in every cellular activity in the body, and when you don’t drink enough water, those processes are not as efficient. Some of those processes include metabolism, removing toxins from the body, bringing nutrients to your cells, enabling kidneys to filter properly, etc. Even mild dehydration can drain your energy, make you tired, cause overeating, constipation and prevent weight loss. Another interesting fact about the importance of proper water intake is that most cravings are due to dehydration, so if your child has a craving, first see if it subsides after drinking a glass of water before giving into it.
What exactly does drinking water on a regular basis mean, you ask? While it used to be “drink eight glasses of water per day,” the one-size-fits-all rule, now we are seeing more information that suggests that the amount of water we drink should be more customized to individual needs. A metric to help you gauge the proper amount of water intake is to drink ½ ounce to 1 ounce per pound of your body weight[2]. So if you weigh 100 lbs., then you should be drinking between 50-100 ounces water per day. Be sure to remember that the level of activity, weather, etc. determines where you fit in that range. So if your kids are tired, sluggish and cranky, try giving them a glass of water.
[1] Batmanghelidj, F. Your Body's Many Cries for Water: You Are Not Sick, You Are Thirsty! Don't Treat Thirst with Medications. Falls Church, VA: Global Health Solutions, 1995. Print.
[2] Batmanghelidj, M.D., F. "Frequently Asked Questions." WaterCure. N.p., n.d. Web. 19 Sept. 2015.
If making sure you’re drinking enough water every day wasn't enough of a challenge, another thing to consider is the pH balance of the water you drink. According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, “pH is a number between 0 and 14 that indicates if a chemical is an acid or a base.”[1] pH can either be alkaline or acidic. pH is measured on a scale of 1–14, with 1 being extremely acidic and 14 being highly alkaline. Water should be at least 7.4 pH, which is the same level as your blood or higher for optimum health and hydration. You are probably wondering what does this all mean and why does it matter?
Let me explain: Our bodies work best when our body is alkaline. If it is too acidic, it can cause inflammation, which is a breeding ground for ailments, disease and a variety of health issues. Imagine a fish tank. When a fish tank is clean, water is flowing through the filtration system, the water is clear and fish swim quickly to and fro. As the fish tank gets dirty, the water gets cloudy, algae starts to form on the surface and the fish don’t move as quickly. Eventually, if the tank isn’t cleaned, the fish will ultimately die.
I never realized that the water we drink can have different pH balance levels. This is not typically labeled on the water we drink, so how do we know? Well, you can use a simple and fun water experiment. My kids love putting their scientific hats on and testing different brands of water. I bought pH test drops for water pH. I found pH test drops for water pH with a color chart on Amazon for a pretty reasonable price (approximately $20.00). You need to get the drops, not the strips, to have an accurate reading of water pH, as the strips are used for testing the pH level of urine or saliva. My kids and I added a few drops of it into the different types of water we drank and waited to see which color the water turned. Light green, yellow and orange tinted water are progressively more acidic. Darker green, blue and purple tinted water are progressively more alkaline. I was shocked to see that the store brand water bottles I was sending my kids to school with every day had an acidity level of four!
MIND There is a direct correlation between eating a healthy balanced diet, exercising regularly and getting enough sleep, and how it affects our thought patterns, how it makes us feel about ourselves and how we view the world around us. The food we eat doesn’t just feed our cells. Food also nourishes our thoughts, which then affect our actions. Now that we know what it takes to get our children's bodies to work better by eating healthier, drinking more water, exercising and sleeping more, we can focus on how to make our children’s mindset optimal. We are all programmed genetically for negative thinking—it's a survival mechanism to make sure we take action in times of need to stay “safe and sound.” Did you ever wonder why you never forget any mistake you have made and dwell on them way too long, while you brush off or downplay your accomplishments and successes, attributing them to luck or something that is not a big deal? How we think and our mindset as to how we approach life has a direct correlation with the type of life we are going to have. So it is very important that we retrain our thoughts for success and happiness by focusing on positivity, abundance, giving, gratitude and love. Failure is just life telling you that you are heading in the wrong direction—against your goals. So in reality, failure is just life giving you a nudge to make sure you adjust your course so that you can continue on the right path to achieve your goals. Happiness does not mean you will have no setbacks. It's how you deal with those setbacks and learn from them that cultivate happiness and ultimate success. WE are usually the ones that get in our own way, telling ourselves it's too hard, we are not good enough, we can’t do it, etc. One way to teach kids the lesson about how to view failure and how to overcome fears is through examples of other people's stories. All people that have had success experienced rejection at some point. To drill this home, the kids and I google autobiographies of successful people, especially the ones my kids admire, to show that success came with hard work, failure and continued perseverance. We read these articles to understand what they did to succeed and, as a result, they feel inspired to pursue their own goals.
[1] Merriam-Webster. Merriam-Webster, n.d. Web. 19 Sept. 2015.


Lilly Cadoch is a certified Integrative Nutrition health coach and award-winning author living in New York with her husband Eli, her two boys Natanel and Itai, and her dog, Angel. She has spent the last few years learning about nutrition and mindful living for both herself and her family while working full time.
Being a very busy working mom, she was determined to find a way to feed her kids healthy and teach them the tools to have a healthy body and mindset so that they could successfully face the ever growing expectations kids face today. She learned these lessons the hard way over many years and vowed to change that when she had her children. After witnessing first-hand the tremendous results this has had in her family, she wrote this book to share these lessons with all caregivers and their children. This award-winning book is a quick guide aimed at simplifying a lot of information into a very accessible and easy to understand way.
Lilly has a passion for food and cooking and loves spending time in the kitchen experimenting with different recipes with her kids. She spends her time educating herself on various different aspects of food and nutrition, creating life memories with her kids, going to spin class with her husband, and playing in her backyard garden.
PERISCOPE – BusyMomsCheatSheet


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From guest author @LorenKleinman #YA #contemporaryromance a #giveaway tour stop

This Way To Forever - Blast Banner


TITLE – This Way to Forever SERIES (& book #) – n/a AUTHOR – Loren Kleinman GENRE – YA / Contemporary Romance PUBLICATION DATE – August 14, 2016 LENGTH (Pages/# Words) - 48,667 words PUBLISHER – Evatopia Press COVER ARTIST – Evatopia Media

This Way To Forever - Book Cover

Sara Brody thought she had met her soulmate in Tad Bolak, a charming exchange student. Their whirlwind romance includes nights staring at the stars, declarations of love, and promises to talk often when Tad must return to his native Poland to complete his Master’s Degree. But Sara’s idealistic view of Tad and plans to be together when he gets his degree come to a shattering halt when he admits to having a fiancee back home.
Heartbroken, she vows to keep her heart safe from men and and focuses on her own studies. Until she meets Ethan.
Sara discovers that no relationship is perfect, especially when one still mourns past loves. Tad never gives up on her. Ethan wants her to give their relationship a chance. And Sara wonders what will become of her sense of self if she gives in to either man.


He leaned in, his mouth inches from mine. Our lips brushed once, and he held my jaw, his thumbs caressing my cheeks. He gazed down at me as though he'd discovered beauty I couldn't fathom anyone could see in my skin, my lips, my pale widow's peak. Soft fingers stroked my neck, slipped into my hair, loosening my ponytail. Unable to glance away, I lost myself in his blue eyes, seducing me like a clear sky on a chill winter's day. We fell into a temporary kiss, losing ourselves--and our balance--as we stumbled to the floor. Laying beside me, he found my hand, his gaze melting my apprehension.

Author Photo - Loren Kleinman


Loren Kleinman’s poetry has appeared in journals such as Drunken Boat, Nimrod, Wilderness House Literary Review, Paterson Literary Review, Narrative Northeast and Journal of New Jersey Poets. Her interviews appeared in IndieReader, USA Today, and The Huffington Post. She edited Indie Authors Naked, which was an Amazon Top 100 bestseller in Journalism in the UK and USA.
Kleinman is the author of four collections of poetry, and her memoir The Woman with a Million Hearts released 2016 with BlazeVOX Books. She also blogs for The Mix (Hearst), where she publishes personal essays in Good Housekeeping, Seventeen, Cosmopolitan, Redbook, and Woman’s Day.


Paperback copy of Lizzy Ford’s “Dark Summer”
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From #WIP 'Wren and Deverel' preview #teaser #MMromance #suspense

“Every P.I. needs a sidekick.” Beau Deverel’s handsome face took on a pleading expression.
“No they don’t. Investigating can involve confidential information, not meant to be shared, and if you were my sidekick, it would be.” Lucian Wren sat on the end of the desk and crossed his arms. “I know that look and it won’t change my mind.”
“Come on, Lucian, I can keep secrets. We’ve hung out together forever don’t shut me out of this. I promise I’ll never divulge anything to anybody, except you, naturally. You have my word. Have I ever broken that oath? Well, have I?”
A grin flashed across Lucian’s face. “You have not. I’ll keep you to that promise. Catch.”
Beau grabbed the card that Lucian tossed to him out of the air with a rapid swipe of his hand. He flipped it over to read it. “Wren and Deverel, Private Investigatorsyou were teasing, you already added me to the business. Card’s a little plain—could we add something—a picture of a revolver or an axe maybe?”
Lucian Wren smiled, affection flooding his eyes for his longtime friend. “No. The embossed border is enough embellishment. We need to appear ultra professional.”
Beau nodded and pushed the business card into the top pocket of his jean jacket.

Copyright Elodie Parkes 2016 

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Daddy's Girl from @Ben_Burgess_Jr #ContemporaryRomance #AfricanAmerican #Fiction

Daddys Girl - Tour Banner


TITLE – Daddy’s Girl SERIES (& Book #) – N/A AUTHOR – Ben Burgess Jr. GENRE – Contemporary Romance/ African American Fiction/ Urban Fiction PUBLICATION DATE – June 13th, 2016 LENGTH (#Pages/# Words) – 478 pages PUBLISHER – Legacy Books LLC (My publishing company) COVER ARTIST – Leah Frieday
Daddy's Girl - Cover


Nick Johnson has always been an underachieving, borderline alcoholic. He soon finds himself in over his head when his affair with Vickie, an unhappily married homemaker, results in an accidental pregnancy. Vickie abandons Nick to raise their biracial daughter, Lynn, alone. Overwhelmed by the difficulties of single fatherhood and seeking comfort and help for himself in that stressful journey, Nick dates numerous women who will change his life forever.
Will raising Lynn force him to mature? Can a single father with a challenging past teach his daughter to become a strong, successful woman? Will a Daddy's Girl, raised primarily by her father, leave Lynn destined to fail from a lack of female guidance?
Daddy's Girl - Teaser 2


Ben Burgess Jr is the author of the award-winning novels "Monster", "Wounded", “Love and Happiness”, and the new novel “ Daddy’s Girl." He is an active performer of spoken word poetry. Ben Burgess Jr uses his love of writing to inspire and influence youths to strive for what they believe in, and to never give up on their dreams. His novels "Monster" and “Wounded” are currently used in schools on the lower east side of Manhattan. Ben Burgess has a BA degree in Business Management and an MA degree in Educational Leadership. He is the proud father of his daughter Jaelynn and is active in trying to improve urban neighborhoods and communities.
Daddy's Girl - Teaser 1


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New adult contemporary romance from @alyseraines

Andrew Warren’s future was with the Marines, until an IED took his leg and derailed his career. Now he’s flunking Fundamentals, and he enlists the help of his fellow App State freshman and off-campus neighbor, Sawyer Layne. It’s not just the beautiful blonde’s looks that intrigue him, but the hurt in her eyes.
Sawyer spends her days surrounded by numbers and nights with a bottle of vodka to numb the darkness of her past. Guys like sexy, tattooed Andrew are exactly what Sawyer needs to avoid. Look but don’t touch—that’s the rule. If only his eyes weren’t so blue, and his abs not so chiseled….
When Sawyer resists his brand of charm, Andrew uses every devious tactic he knows to pull her from her shell. Falling in love was never part of the plan.

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Author bio:
Alyse Raines was born in Canada, and now lives in Los Angeles. She writes romance, and her obsessions include books, tea, sandals, turquoise jewelry, nail polish, and online shopping. Her debut NA contemporary romance THE FUNDAMENTAL THEORY OF US is out now from Evernight.
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