Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Someone is falling in love #MMromance for #MWTease #teaser

From The Night Gardener, an E.D. Parr WIP Dane meets spooky Zachary

“It’s way too dark to garden. You’re wet through.” Dane’s gaze ranged over the sodden sweater Zachary wore, and along the rain-darkened jeans covering Zachary’s muscled thighs.
The guy has to be cold. “Can I offer you a cup of coffee?”

Zachary grinned happily. “A cup of coffee, yeah, that will be great, thanks.”

Dane led the way back into the kitchen. “Sit by one of the radiators and try to dry out a little.” He put water to boil and heaped instant into mugs. “I can lend you a dry sweater…”

Zachary leaned close to the radiator. “It’s okay I’ll drape my sweater on here. It’ll be dry in no time.” He pulled the soggy item over his head and arranged it on the hot metal flutes.

Dane experienced a shock of attraction as he took in the smooth, muscled chest on display when Zachary turned to him.
“Look it’s already steaming.”

Dane tore his gaze from Zachary’s body and glanced at the sweater. The kettle boiled and he whipped around to make the coffee, thankful for the diversion.
“Do you take sugar or cream?”

Zachary’s voice came from immediately behind him. “Black, thank you, no sugar.”

Dane closed his eyes to dissipate the surprise Zachary’s silent approach gave him. He edged around to face Zachary who stood so close, Dane’s composure flew clean away as his whole body reacted to the proximity of this complete hunk.

Holy hell, he is completely gorgeous. Dane stepped sideways and picked up a mug. He handed it to Zachary. “Coffee, er, sorry, its instant. I’ve given myself a vacation from grounds and filters.” He smiled apologetically.
Protected Copyright E.D.Parr 2017 

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  1. Great snippet, Elodie, and loving the MWT graphic you have there!

  2. Would love him in my garden. I agree with Lucy re: the graphic. If you don't mind, I'll add it to the blogsite.

  3. great sexual tension, well done!

  4. Mmmmm.... something sexy is going to happen! :D :D

  5. Hot and steamy ;) tease, Elodie. :)

  6. Fabulous tease :-)


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