Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Hold onto the holiday spirit with #midweektease #MMromance @evernightpub and E.D.Parr

Don't lose the magic of the holiday season just yet...
#MidWeekTease is from 'Make a Wish' Evernight Publishing and E.D Parr

Nick opened the door to the passenger side of his vehicle. “In you go. I’ll be back in a few seconds.”
Nick left Dylan to climb into his car. He retrieved the package meant for the jeweler from his trunk, sprinted across the sidewalk to the smoked glass doors of the shop, and went in.
He took seconds to make the delivery, as predicted, and leaped into the driver side of his SUV.
“Dylan, you’re cold and wet. I have a spare jacket on the back seat. Why not borrow it?” Nick turned up the heat in his car as he cast an appreciative sideways glance at the delectable man beside him.
The soft sigh Dylan made told Nick a lot. Here was a man down on his luck, a man who didn’t want to borrow a jacket from a stranger as if he were a charity case. Nick wove through the traffic. He came to a halt outside the store, not caring that he stopped at no parking sign. “I wish you’d borrow it. Yours is saturated.”
Dylan shrugged. “They’ll understand. It’s been pouring with rain all day.” He alluded to the people interviewing him. “Thank you for your help.” He held out his hand.
Nick grabbed the offered handshake. He closed his eyes for a second to savor the touch of Dylan’s skin, and soaked up the shock of attraction that tingled through his body. Nick opened his eyes to see Dylan’s expression of pleasure. He gazed into the blue depths and knew. Dylan found him attractive. Dylan wanted him in the same way he desired Dylan.
“I have to go.” Dylan’s enticing lips moved.
Nick released his hand quickly, not wanting to appear creepy.

“Good luck with the interview.”

Copyright E.D.Parr Evernight Publishing 2016
He's definitely not your average guy. Nick Kringle has more than a touch of the supernatural about him and he's going to share his magic with down on his luck, Dylan West . Naturally, it helps that Nick thinks Dylan is super hot...
Make a Wish
Hot new #MMromance Christmas erotic romance with a sparkle of magic
Can wishes come true? You bet—especially if Nick Kringle has anything to do with it.
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  1. awe... I feel bad for the guy. I hope he gets the job! Great tease!

  2. Pride can make us do such silly things. I hope he finds what he needs.

  3. Great tease. I hope that interview goes well! :-)


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