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From guest author @SamJacobey #romanticsuspense #newadult release, 'Rendered' snippet and #bookcover

Rendered - Blitz Banner


TITLE – Rendered SERIES – Irrevocable Series AUTHOR – Samantha Jacobey GENRE – New Adult PUBLICATION DATE – June 2, 2015 LENGTH (Pages/# Words) – 226 pg. / 54K+ words PUBLISHER – Lavish Publishing, LLC COVER ARTIST – Nicolene Lorette Designs

Rendered - Cover 

How do you survive, when the only life you’ve ever known disappears in a single night?
With more friends than she could count and the daughter of two wealthy attorneys, Bailey Dewitt had a life most kids dream about. A cheerleader, the auburn haired beauty lived in a large house, where she could afford to be and do whatever she wanted. Residing in a smaller community outside of Chicago, she attended high school, getting ready for college and the fabulous career that would one day be hers. And in a single night, she lost it all; the night her parents died.
Dragged away from the only home she has ever known and forced into the care of her renegade uncle, Bailey must learn to play by a new set of rules. Faced with tough choices, she soon learns that nothing will ever be the same. When she meets Caleb Cross, she realizes her life in Illinois had been a lie. For the first time in her life, she has the chance to be happy. That is, if she can earn her place among the people in the tiny prepper community of Lawson…
Rendered - Full Cover

Rendered - Teaser 


Take care of my brothers then, ok?”
What’s that supposed t’ mean?” he cut his glare back over to her.
It means, if you decide to get rid of me, or send me away, or whatever. I mean, you guys are obviously happy to have them here, the way you all fawn over them. Maybe because you’re short on boys, I don’t know,” she kept her eyes on him, watching for his reaction to her hypothesis.
I guess you noticed our ratio is a little off,” he chuckled.
Yes,” she sighed loudly, “I noticed. That’s why I figure you’ll send me away. You don’t really have room for another girl. So when you do, please just take care of them. Ok?”


Samantha Jacobey is a middle aged woman who earned a BS in Business Management and has worked in half a dozen fields. With a relentless zest for life, she enjoys action and adventure, as well as all the love and romance it has to offer. Creating stories in her mind for many years, she has put some of them into print for the world to share, and hopes you will enjoy reading them as much as she did creating them. What drives her most is the love of a good story and is confident you will enjoy her latest creation.
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Contemporary romance on the blog today as author @tmkamson visits with 'Ere's Secret' #giveaway

Ere's Secret by Firi Kamson
Genre: Women's Fiction, Contemporary Romance

I have a secret.
In three days, I'll be turning 40 and I'm in love for the first time. Decades ago, I sacrificed my life for the good of my family. But tragedy struck too close to home, reminding me of the brevity of life.

Now I have a choice to make: continue living in shadows or allow my true self to emerge.

My life was uninteresting and would have stayed that way until I met Luke. This was a chance meeting and I could say we were destined to meet, who knows. It was a Sunday evening and I was at this point tired of my life and living my life as society wanted it to be lived. It was the day I defied all odds and subdued my nerves as I went into my closet and put on a black pair of pencil jeans and a black loose fitting Tee-shirt, that Cassandra, my oyibo Canadian neighbor who never took no for an answer, even though she had been unsuccessfully trying to invite me for coffee at hers for years; gave me. Surprisingly, when I put this on, it struck me how much weight I had lost. I looked like a skinny school girl instead of a 38 year old mother of three. Ignoring the inquiring looks my boys gave me, I told them I was going out with my friends. Further ignoring the equally curious look I got from Musa, our old reliable gateman who refused to leave us when Opuada died and was content with whatever I could pay him. With a straight face, I told him I was going out and would be back in a couple of hours. 

Firi Kamson was born in Nigeria, where she grew up. Becoming a lawyer, a writer and a pilot was her childhood dream, she dropped the lawyer part and got a B.A. in foreign languages and literature speciality French. Worked as a freelance translator and a photographer for a couple of years before she decided to explore the creative world of writing. She writes a column for, as Tee, an online Nigerian based magazine, where she journals her experiences in south east Asia. The dream of becoming a pilot is still there and who knows one day it would be fulfilled. She lives in South East Asia with her nerdy husband and very active daughter and son. Ere's Secret is her first work.
Firi Kamson would like to hear from her readers so you can send her an email or check out her site 

Or follow her on Twitter @tmkamson 

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The Companion Bundle #paranormalromance from @susansquires #regency

TITLE – The Companion Bundle
SERIES – The Companion Series
AUTHOR – Susan Squires
GENRE – Regency Paranormal Romance
LENGTH (Pages/# Words) - 1142
PUBLISHER – Independent
COVER ARTIST – Rebecca Poole, Dreams2Media

The Companion Bundle contains the first three books in the series: The Companion, The Hunger, and The Burning
You are about to enter a world where there is no turning back. Where danger and desire become one. Where a man and a woman must face the darkest secrets of the night…though they may not survive what awaits them.
The Captive
Ian Rufford was captured, enslaved, and then abandoned in the lonely dunes of Egypt’s desert. His tormentor was a woman of magnificent beauty…and the blackest of souls. Now, Ian prays for a death that will not come. Only after his rescue does he begin to realize how he has changed. He is carrying something strange in his blood known only as “The Companion,” and his new-found symbiotic partner will exact a terrible price in return for the gifts Ian is only beginning to understand.
The Desire
Elizabeth Rochewell’s home was Egypt, where she traveled the desert organizing her father’s archeological expeditions. After her father’s death, however, she is sent home to live a conventional life in London. Onboard ship, she finds herself drawn to her mysterious fellow passenger, Ian Rufford. He awakens feelings in her that disturb and tantalize her senses. But he hides a shocking secret. Beth has spent her life unraveling the secrets of the desert. Little does she know how dangerous it will be to unravel Ian’s.
An Undeniable Desire
The year is 1811, and the vampire Beatrix Lisse has spent six hundred years trying to atone for the sins she committed with her adopted sister and rival, Asharti. She’s grown weary of life, until she meet John Staunton, the Earl of Langley. John is London’s most notorious rogue, but he sees an innocence in Beatrix that she no longer believes exists. But Beatrix can’t bring herself to reveal her true nature to John, even after they surrender to their fierce passion. It’s only after John abandons her that Beatrix learns that he has a secret of his own…
Leads to Love that Burns Eternal
An undercover spy for England, John’s mission is to find out who is directing Napoleon’s network of spies. If he allows himself to get too close to Beatrix, John knows he’ll put her life in danger. But as John gets closer to completing his mission, he realizes the person he seeks is none other than Beatrix’s centuries-old rival, Asharti. With the world unraveling around them, John and Beatrix unite to fight a nemesis whose fury has no limit—even as their unquenchable passion grows more dangerous by the day…
A Forbidden Temptation
It is 1821 and all who know the beautiful, mysterious Ann Van Helsing believe she is insane. Yet Ann’s curse is the deep psychic ability that shows her everything about another human being—their history, thoughts and desires—simply by touching them. Overwhelmed by a power she can barely control, Ann roams the quiet woods and caves near her estate, searching for an elusive peace. Here she encounters the man who will change everything…
Leaves her Yearning
To atone for an unforgivable transgression against his own kind, vampire Stephan Sincai has become a vigilante who must hunt and kill those whom other vampires have made. When Ann discovers Stephen bleeding in her cave, she reaches tries to help him. The moment she touches him she knows every fiber of Stephens being—and the knowledge is at once frightening and irresistible…
For Eternal Fulfillment
Ann and Stephen are drawn together by a powerful force. As they fight against the evil surrounding them, an enemy bent on destroying them will make them choose between what they love and what they fear the most….


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C.A Tibbitts visits the blog with her book blitz #giveaway #contemporaryromance #suspense

Prince-Christmas - Banner
Hey everyone - thanks for stopping by - check out both of these truly amazing books by author C.A. Tibbits - Prince of Vezul: Tallen a Sci-Fi Romantic Comedy and Christmas in DC a Contemporary Romantic Suspense. And don't forget to take part in the authors giveaway as well. (Don't forget to leave a comment - bloggers & authors just love those) Thank you


TITLE – Prince Of Vezul: Tallen SERIES – Royalty Of Vezul AUTHOR – C.A. Tibbitts GENRE – Sci-Fi comedy romance PUBLICATION DATE – August 21, 2015 LENGTH (Pages/# Words) - 34 pages/10,600 words PUBLISHER – eXcessica Publishing COVER ARTIST – Amanda Walker PA & Design Services

Prince Of Vezul-Tallen - Cover 

Tallen, which happens to be a prince from the planet Vezul, comes to Earth seeking a woman to become his princess. He lands just outside Las Vegas, where he spies a buxom beauty named Cari. He comes to her aid when a casino patron gets a little too grabby with Cari, whom he has already decided will be his princess.
Cari lives paycheck to paycheck in her dead-end, depressing job. When a gorgeous stranger approaches her, she assumes he must be crazy with the talk of making her his princess and having his royal babies. But when he comes to her aid, she realizes she doesn't want him to get in trouble for defending her honor. She rushes him out the back door, only to have him kiss her.
When his technology shocks her into passing out, she finds herself on a spaceship that insists on being called "John Wayne" with this gorgeous alien on a one way trip to the planet Vezul.
Will an interspecies relationship actually work, and does love truly conquer all?
(story originally published in Mystical Royal Love box set)
Priince of Vezul-Tallen - Teaser 2





"I would like to discuss copulation." She felt her cheeks redden in embarrassment. It felt strange to discuss having sex.
"Oh?" Tallen's face lit up with a smile.
"I would like to try it. However, I can't promise that I agree to a lifetime of matehood… yet," she advised, placing a hand on his thigh.
All he heard was I would like to try copulation, and her hand was on him. "Suits off."
Cari gasped as they were suddenly both naked. She looked over at him in time to see him leaning closer for a kiss. Oh, what the hell! She shifted to straddle his legs, wrapping her arms around his shoulders. Her eyes closed when his lips kissed hers, sliding his tongue into her mouth. He began that sexy growl that vibrated throughout her body, pebbling her nipples and dampening her sex. She suspected those elusive balls of his had dropped again when his hard length pressed into her belly.
Tallen rolled over, tucking her beneath him, enjoying her gasp of excitement as she looked up at him. "May we copulate now, beautiful one?"


TITLE – Christmas In D.C. AUTHOR – C.A. Tibbitts GENRE – Contemporary romantic suspense PUBLICATION DATE – August 21, 2015 LENGTH (Pages/# Words) - 33 pages/10,800 words PUBLISHER – eXcessica Publishing COVER ARTIST – C.A. Tibbitts

Lincoln Memorial, Washington D.C. 

Naomi has worked as Will’s assistant at college where he teaches law classes as she earns her degree as a Paralegal.
After Naomi graduates, she learns that Will is quitting the college to work for a Senator in Washington D.C. When Will asks Naomi to work with him and the Senator. it does not take her long to accept the position.
No longer a professor and student, the attraction of this 30-something year old couple is palpable.
A terrifying act leads Naomi to a heartbreaking discovery. Did she ever really know Will at all?
(story originally published in Wickedly Exotic Winter Erotic Wonderland box set)

Christmas In DC - Teaser 2

young sexy female Santa seduces man


Naomi cut him off, kissing the question from his lips.
He moaned and slid his hands down her back, cupping her ass to pull her closer. If she'd been uncertain of what he was going to ask, she would surely get the hint with it pressed snugly against her stomach and getting harder by the second. One moment her hands were on his chest, the next, his pants fell in a heap around his bare feet. Her hand cupped the bulge barely contained in his gray boxer briefs.
"Are you sure? Nay, we can't go back after this." His forehead fell against hers as they both took a moment to breathe.
In a wordless answer, she freed her ponytail, sending her brown hair cascading down her back, and tugged her pink blouse over her head. Her skirt slid down next.

CA Tibbetts - Button 


C.A. Tibbitts lives in Oklahoma, USA, with her husband of 18 years and a bossy parakeet. She has a degree as a paralegal and worked for the District Attorney's office, and before that, she worked as a travel agent.
Though she wrote for years as a hobby, her first published book was in August of 2014. Best known for her Pepper Valley Shifters series, she also has several short stories published with the Mystical Box Set Babes and in the Wickedly Exotic seasons series.
She loves to hear from her readers, and deeply appreciates honest reviews.


2 ebooks of Prince Of Vezul: Tallen 2 ebooks of Christmas in DC
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On sale from bestselling #romance author @JillMSanders .99 cents Discovering Pride #contemporaryromance

Lacey Jordan is a woman who knows what she wants…and she wants nothing to do with the new doctor in town. He has a perfect smile, perfectly tan muscles, and a way with people—her people! This is her town, her family, and her life, and he’s come here shaking everything up, including her heart. 
Aaron is running away from a tough breakup where heartbreak is the least of his concerns. All he wants now is to take over his grandfather’s medical practice, and make his new house a place he can call home. What he hadn’t counted on was crashing into a petite goddess with relentless powers of persuasion. When the two get a disturbing visit that could change their lives forever, Aaron must prove his love if they are to survive. 

99¢ Sale -From NY Times & USA Today bestselling author Jill Sanders - Discovering Pride is on sale for a limited time! Amazon: iBooks: B&N: Google: Kobo:

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Breakfast in a sun-drenched marina anyone? #Teaser from #WIP #romanticsuspense

From An Unusual Vacation #WIP #romanticsuspense
The summer day dawned in a blaze of glorious sunshine. Dominic checked his packing and his email before he downed a glass of orange juice and took off on his vacation. He grinned as he drove over the bridge in minimal traffic and was on his way down the river road to the marina.

Dominic drove into the marina parking lot just before ten. He had an hour to kill before his dad’s caretaker showed up with the keys to the yacht. Dominic briefly thought of taking the short drive to the cottage where the caretaker lived in the grounds of his dad’s lodge, to pick up the key, but the delicious aroma of cooking bacon drifted to him on the breeze as the marina café doors were propped open by a server. Hungry now, Dominic walked over to one of the tables placed in the morning sun outside the café. He checked the little menu in its plastic stand, and a server arrived at his table. Dominic ordered bacon and fried tomato toasted sandwiches, and coffee.

The breeze had picked up a little since he’d arrived and the pennants strung from each lamppost along the quay flapped making a strange high-pitched hum. Dominic gazed around at the boats moored in the berths. The riot of color and white against the backdrop of bright blue sky and marine blue water brought a smile to his face. He relaxed into the canvas of the café chair and stretched his legs out under the table. This is a good start. I feel better already.

His order arrived and Dominic tucked into his food happily. The café interior filled up and two small groups of people took tables outside close to Dominic’s table. They nodded a greeting, a smile between strangers in the lovely morning. Dominic had paid his bill and was about to wander along to his dad’s yacht, when an SUV screeched into the parking lot kicking up the fine gravel into a cloud, and drawing everyone’s stare as the occupants piled out, and charged down one of the walkways to the boats moored there. Dominic watched as the three men and one young woman clutched at each other when one of them stumbled. There was just enough time for Dominic to register the slender figure, and long, light brown, hair of the young woman, before one of the men stepped behind her and the group disappeared. Must have got in a boat. Wonder what that’s about?
© Elodie Parkes 2015

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Read an excerpt from 'One with the Night' in this #paranormalromance blitz

One With The Night - Banner


TITLE – One With the Night SERIES – The Companion Series AUTHOR – Susan Squires GENRE – Regency Vampire Paranormal Romance PUBLICATION DATE – August 11, 2015 LENGTH (Pages/# Words) - PUBLISHER – Independent COVER ARTIST – Rebecca Poole, Dreams2Media

Far from the glittering lights and shallow bustle of 1822 London lies another world—a realm of shadows and secrets, where desire holds dominion and passion know no limits…
Jane Blundell’s keen intellect and wit have always set her apart from her marriage-minded peers. But such differences are nothing compared to the change that comes upon her when she is infected by a blood sample in her father’s laboratory. Suddenly her veins resonate with a terrifying, exhilarating power. Dr. Blundell takes Jane to the Scottish highlands to research a cure, where she collides with the only man who can understand her hunger—and slake her unending desire…
One-With-The-Night-Ebook-fullCallan Kilkenny has returned to England from Marrakech, still filled with self-loathing at the deeds he committed in the name of a beautiful, depraved vampire. Now that he has tracked down Dr. Blundell in hopes of a cure, he has also found a kindred spirit in Jane. Her passion and her blood call to Callan, fueling a carnal need that shocks them both with its intensity. But others have come in search of the cure too…for reasons that are deadly. And to save Jane and the rest of their kind, Callan must risk everything—even his last chance at redemption…
“When it comes to combining extreme sensuality with dangerous drama, no one does it better than Squires.” --Romantic Times BOOKreview


There was no denying her. She ran her long-nailed fingers through his hair as he sat, naked, beside the chaise on which she lay draped. His hair was as dark as hers. But her eyes were almost black, while his were light gray-green, his skin fair against her golden glow. She had chosen him for his coloring. How long would he pay for the sins of some French and English crusaders long dead? Until he died. He had prayed for death so often. Blood oozed from various cuts and punctures in his body, but she was careful not to kill him.
Heat poured from a dozen braziers and a low fire in the center of her tent. She liked heat. His skin was damp with sweat. He fixed his gaze on the intricate carpet, trying to avoid what would come. But she willed him to raise his gaze. For the thousandth time he struggled. He clenched his fists and grunted, panting.
Her laughter tinkled over him like shards of broken glass. “You know you cannot win out, English.” He wasn’t English. She twisted his head up by his hair and showered compulsion over him. The need to obey her surged through him. His gaze jerked to her face.
Her eyes glowed with more than firelight as she chuckled. How could laughter frighten him so? His chest heaved from the effort to resist her. The fine skin between her breasts gleamed with perspiration. Her nipples peaked under the diaphanous fabric of her burgundy gown. He found his own desire rising, whether he would or no.
His stomach clenched in despair as he lifted his chin to bare his throat to her. She would use him to slake several thirsts tonight. She was always thirsty.
She bent to his throat. He shuddered at the familiar twin pains just under his jaw. She stroked his nipple as she sucked at his neck and then slid down onto the rug beside him so she could grasp his swollen member.
“You still resist me," she whispered inside his mind. “How can I make you truly mine?” She rocked against him, her breasts pressed to his chest. He moaned, partly with desire, partly in dread. He didn’t want to know the answer to that question.

The Hunger - Author PhotoSusan Squires is a New York Times bestselling author known for breaking the rules of romance writing. Whatever her time period, or subject, some element of the paranormal always creeps in. She has won multiple contests for published novels and reviewer's choice awards. Publisher's Weekly named Body Electric one of the year’s most influential mass market books and One with the Shadows, the fifth in her vampire Companion Series, a Best book of the Year. Time for Eternity, the first in the DaVinci time travel series, received a starred review from Publisher's Weekly.
Susan has a Masters in English literature from UCLA and once toiled as an executive for a Fortune 500 company. Now she lives at the beach in Southern California with her husband, Harry, a writer of supernatural thrillers, and three very active Belgian Sheepdogs, who like to help her write by putting their chins on the keyboarddddddddddddddddddddddd.

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Excerpt from new release, Pan, Untold Stories of Neverland

Pan - Release Banner


TITLE – Pan SERIES – The Untold Stories of Neverland AUTHOR – K.R. Thompson GENRE – Fantasy/Fairytale/Short Story PUBLICATION DATE – August 10, 2015 LENGTH (Pages/# Words) – 15,000 words PUBLISHER – Createspace COVER ARTIST – Alchemy Book Covers

Pan - Cover

Neverland has always been their sanctuary—until now.
Magic is dying in Neverland and only one pixie is brave enough to search the human world for someone to believe. Tink finds a desolate boy flying in the night, peering in windows, searchinf for the life he once knew. But can she convince him to abandon his quest and save Neverland?
Discover the untold story of the boy destined to become Peter Pan.


At least the boy was taking his task seriously, the pixie decided, watching him raise up on his toes in an effort to gain a better look inside one darkened, upstairs room. Some guardians were lazy, but this one was not, which was just as well, she noted, as the small, shadowy figure of a child exited through the window and joined him. A few seconds later, the two flew off into the night sky. The children of humans could be a handful—the ghosts of them even more so, especially when they realized they were no longer among the living. It only made sense to appoint another child to deal with their sorrow and accompany their spirits to the other side. 
The source of her attention currently gone, the pixie idly kicked into the open air. Small bits of dust sprinkled each time her feet touched the open mouth of the monster she’d been making a seat of. She glanced down, noticing his bottom teeth now sparkled like gold in the moonlight, giving him an even more ferocious look. 
The poor thing looked dreadful, with long curling teeth and bulging eyes—nothing at all like her own pretty, golden self. She gave him a bright smile. Likely, that was the only kindness ever given the monster forever stuck up here on the edge of this roof, so she reached down and gave his hard cheek an affectionate pat before turning her attention back to the sprawling town below. After all, she hadn’t come to save this monster. She’d come for the boy and soon he would need her—but not nearly as much as she needed him.


K.R. Thompson writes paranormal stories with a bite and fairy tales with a twist. An avid reader and firm believer in the magic of books, she spends her nights either reading an adventure, or writing one.
She still watches for evidence of Bigfoot in the mud of Wolf Creek.

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On the blog @KThompsn with a #coverreveal for The Untold Stories of Neverland

Cover Reveal Banner


TITLE – Pan SERIES – The Untold Stories of Neverland AUTHOR – K.R. Thompson GENRE – Fantasy/Fairytale/Short Story PUBLICATION DATE – August 10, 2015 LENGTH (Pages/# Words) – 15,000 words PUBLISHER – Createspace COVER ARTIST – Alchemy Book Covers

Pan - Cover

Neverland has always been their sanctuary—until now.
Magic is dying in Neverland and only one pixie is brave enough to search the human world for someone to believe. Tink finds a desolate boy flying in the night, peering in windows, searchinf for the life he once knew. But can she convince him to abandon his quest and save Neverland?
Discover the untold story of the boy destined to become Peter Pan.

Pan - Author Photo


K.R. Thompson writes paranormal stories with a bite and fairy tales with a twist. An avid reader and firm believer in the magic of books, she spends her nights either reading an adventure, or writing one.
She still watches for evidence of Bigfoot in the mud of Wolf Creek.

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On the #romance #writers blog Rules of Love from guest @BatesNatalie and a #giveaway

Rules of Love - Banner


TITLE – Rules of Love SERIES – The Mobile Mistletoe #6 AUTHOR – Natalie-Nicole Bates GENRE – contemporary romance PUBLICATION DATE – July 15, 2015 LENGTH (Pages/# Words) - 16,000 words PUBLISHER – Book To Go Now Publishing

Rules of Love

On the surface, Paige Paget seems to have it all. She’s beautiful, confident, successful, and the co-owner of a new business, Cheer-Mania Academy, with her sister, Polly.
But beneath her seemingly charmed life, Paige is a woman stifled by rules.
When she meets Jordy Evans, the brother and now guardian of Paige’s fourteen year old student, Gabrielle, she believes Jordy may be the man of her dreams.
Dating a man with the responsibility of parenting a teen means a whole new set of rules, and Paige isn’t so sure she can handle it.
But the rules of love might not let Paige get away so easy!


I am so sick of rules. 
Everyone else’s rules that my life is expected to revolve around.
The rules enforced by the nuns at the boarding school. The rules of being a cheer dancer. The rules enforced upon me by my ex on how to be the girlfriend of a major league baseball player. 
The rules of dating a – for lack of a more appropriate term – single father of a teen, and now, the rules for my own business! 
“Thank you for your convenient explanations to everything, Jordy. You’ve really got life nailed down! You don’t really know me, or we wouldn’t be having this conversation, and don’t for a second deign to tell me the rules of my own business! For your information I’m sick of living by everyone else’s rules! I don’t appreciate being your dirty little secret who you can blow off a little stream with, and then pretend I don’t exist!”

Rules of Love - Author Photo


Natalie-Nicole Bates is a book reviewer and author.
Her passions in life include books and hockey along with Victorian and Edwardian era photography and antique poison bottles. Natalie contributes her uncharacteristic love of hockey to being born in Russia.
She currently resides in the UK where she is working on her next book and adding to her collection of 19th century post-mortem photos.
Visit Natalie online at


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Guest author Jean C. Joachim tours with #sportsromance 'Pete Sebastion Coach' and a #giveaway

Pete Sebastian - Banner


TITLE – Pete Sebastian, Coach SERIES – First & Ten AUTHOR – Jean Joachim GENRE – Sports Romance PUBLICATION DATE – June, 2015 LENGTH (Pages/# Words) – 66,000 words – 220 pages PUBLISHER – Secret Cravings Publishing COVER ARTIST – Dawne Dominique


Pete Sebastian, Coach Bass to his team, thought he had his life under control until smart, alluring Jo Parker sashayed into a front office job with the Connecticut Kings. He locks horns with the beautiful female when she implements new ideas to clean-up the team’s rep. Was she there just to push him around or was she the one woman he’s been seeking?
Struggling toward success in the man’s-man world of the NFL, Jo Parker has relied on her brains and determination to get ahead. But her new job at the Kings has one hurdle she hadn’t counted on – a sexy coach standing in her way. How can she kept her mind on her job when all she wants is to get closer, much closer, to the coach?
Can Coach Bass handle a woman in the boardroom and bedroom? Can he keep his heart safe or will the revelation of a secret destroy his dreams, leaving him alone once more?
Caution: Locker room language.


Pete stripped down to boxers and donned his running shorts. Not bothering with a shirt, he headed for the beach. There was no way he could get to sleep after his steamy encounter with Jo Parker. Running would clear his mind and calm his body. 
He pulled an elastic with his house key on it over his wrist and left. As he walked down the path to the sand, he thought about Jo. Christ, I can’t stop thinking about her! Chilled by the night air, he started to run. He’d known she was sexy, but the way she had surrendered in his arms, well, surprised wasn’t the word. He never thought she’d fall without a major seduction. Flowers, candy, dinners out—now he could forget that. Next date would end in his bed. 
Pete could hardly wait. Searching his memory, he couldn’t remember when he had been so turned on so quickly. She’d had him when she’d walked in wearing that sweater. Shit, I could barely keep my eyes or hands off her breasts. Lust had boiled up in his veins when she’d insisted on seeing his bedroom. Standing there with the sea on one side and alluring Jo Parker on the other, a foot from his bed, he could hardly control himself or ignore the protests from his dick.


PETE SEBASTIAN - Winning the Super Bowl is just the beginning for Coach Bass, as his team calls him. He walks on water, until his world gets turned upside down by a feisty female. When the new V.P. of Publicity turns out to be a gorgeous blonde, Pete is stopped in his tracks.
Raising twin daughters alone after his wife took a powder, Pete has been too busy to be lonely. But now that his girls are off to college, loneliness has become his constant companion. Bed partners are easy to find, but the right woman, one who loves football almost as much as she loves him isn’t easy. So far, he has come up empty.
With a beautiful woman in the office next door, Pete can hardly concentrate on preparing for training camp. All he wants to do is kiss Jo Parker, but she’s tucked away behind a professional demeanor and not going to play his game.
Never one to throw in the towel, Pete has a strategy to win this woman who keeps one step ahead of him. Can the charming, sexy coach win the affections of the elusive Ms. Parker? Or his he destined to continue on playing a solo game?
JO PARKER - Jo Parker is a woman who knows what she wants, right? She thinks she does. A successful woman in the man’s world of NFL front office, Jo has worked hard and taken lots of guff to rise to the level of vice president of publicity.
Her new job at The Connecticut Kings presents a challenge. Not only does she have to clean up the reputation of a team that fired two players for domestic violence, but she has to resist the practically irresistible charms of the coach, Pete Sebastian.
With her pug, Daisy, tucked under her arm, Jo takes Monroe and the Kings by storm. She rolls in, determined to send the players to anger management, to avoid further bad behavior. But they roadblock her at every step. And leading the resistance is the devastatingly handsome, Coach Bass.
Chemistry and mutual attraction short-circuit Ms. Parker’s plans. She finds herself in unfamiliar waters, falling in love. But love is not in her plans. She doesn’t believe in Prince Charming and she’s not about to give up her independence for a roll in the hay.
But loneliness and a hunger for love, born from a sterile childhood, draw her to the warmth and charm of Pete Sebastian. Will she be able to control her emotions, fight through their mutual attraction to focus on the job and only the job?
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Jean Joachim is a best-selling romance fiction author, with books hitting the Amazon Top 100 list since 2012. The Renovated Heart won Best Novel of the Year from Love Romances Café. Lovers & Liars was a RomCon finalist in 2013. And The Marriage List tied for third place as Best Contemporary Romance from the Gulf Coast RWA. She was chosen Author of the Year in 2012 by the New York City chapter of Romance Writers of America.
Married and the mother of two sons, Jean lives in New York City. Early in the morning, you’ll find her at her computer, writing, with a cup of tea, her rescued put, Homer, by her side and a secret stash of black licorice.


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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

J Lea drops by the blog with 'Worthy of Love' and a #giveaway #NA #romance @LeaJerani

Worthy of Love - Banner


TITLE – Worthy of Love? SERIES – standalone AUTHOR – J. Lea GENRE – NA romance PUBLICATION DATE – July 31st LENGTH (Pages/# Words) – a little over 70.000 words PUBLISHER – selfpublished (Amazon) COVER ARTIST – Najla Qamber designs

Worthy of Love - Cover

They say everything happens for a reason. Maybe they are right, but I don`t really agree.
When I was 14, the life I knew, turned upside down. I was devastated.
Every time I looked myself in the mirror, I saw this ugly girl looking at me. Love obviously wasn't a part of my plan anymore. How could it be?
But then I met him. And it happened. Suddenly and without a warning. I want him. I crave him. Every fiber of my being yearns for him. He is the one who makes my heart sing, and the one who hunts my dreams at night. But I can never have him. After all, he is forbidden...

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Elias and I grabbed our drinks and joined our friends. Rick pulled me to his side right away, so I had to squeeze into a tiny corner beside him. But I didn’t mind. I enjoyed my friends’ company and even Rick’s flirting attempts didn’t stop me from having fun. Even more, his terrible pick-up lines soon had me doubled over with laughter, and took my mind off Parker, if only for a few minutes. I tried to prove to Rick that he could win over a girl even with less corny lines, but Rick wouldn’t be Rick if he didn’t disagree. 
“Wanna bet?” he challenged me. I looked at him with interest and instantly agreed. 
“Hell, yeah!” 
“Pick a girl, any girl,” he said cockily. “I guarantee you, I’ll get her number.” I looked around the club, my eyes settled on a gorgeous woman, leaning on the table next to ours. She was playing idly with the cocktail pick in her drink. She appeared slightly older than us, no more than 10 years, and I was certain she’d be an even bigger challenge since she’d probably heard all the corny pick-up lines before. 
“Her.” I pointed my finger. Rick’s gaze traveled up her long, shapely legs, small waist and generously sized chest. He smirked at me, saying, “She’s smoking hot. You’ve got yourself a bet.” We shook hands, and as he took two steps toward her, I remembered we hadn’t talked about the terms of our bet. 
“Hey, wait,” I yelled at his retreating back. 
He jerked around. “What? Did you change your mind? You’d rather have me all to yourself?” His eyebrow shot up. 
Rolling my eyes, I chuckled, and our friends laughed right along with me. “We haven’t said anything about the rewards. What do I get when I win?” I challenged him with a wide grin. 
“Dream on, kitten. Before you can blink three times, I’ll have her eating out of my hand.” 
I laughed so hard tears filled my eyes. “We’ll see about that.” 
Rick confidently strutted over to the woman at the next table, and we all turned heads after them, and perked up our ears so we could hear the conversation. 
“Hey, sugar,” Rick winked at the woman, who gave him a look from under her eyebrows. 
“Uh-huh,” she muttered, uninterested. 
“Do you know how to work with a sandpaper?” he shot out, and our table exploded in laughter. 
“If she doesn’t slap him right now, then the world might just as well end,” I said. 
The woman frowned at him. She asked him what he meant by that, and Rick replied.
“Because I could use someone to rub my wood.” 
“Oh, god, he did not just say that,” Jon clamped a hand over his mouth. “I can’t believe he just said that.” He shook his head incredulously. But to our surprise, the woman started laughing. Out loud. When she finally calmed down, she put her hand on his shoulder. 
“I’ve had a shitty day, and you just made it better. Thank you for that. Come, let me buy you a drink.” Rick turned to us with a wide grin on his face, and flipped us the bird before disappearing in the crowd with the woman on his arm. 
“What the hell just happened?” 
“That was pure luck,” Carmen, one of our classmates, said. I was completely shocked. I couldn’t believe she fell for such an awful, cliché pick up line. 
Five minutes later, Rick returned to the table, a scrap of paper between his index and middle finger. He threw it on the table, a smug expression on his face, and turned to me. 
“You were saying earlier?”


J. Lea is an avid reader and writer of sexy stories. Her other loves include her family as she is also a mama of a little boy and girl who keep her busy when she's not writing hot books. Lea also loves spending time outdoors with her family--skiing, hiking, and more.
Her novels include Because of You, Once Again, Never Again, and Worthy of Love.


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