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Sascha caught the vague smell of vampire heavily disguised by a mix of sandalwood, cedar, rosemary. #MWTease #PNR

Midweek teaser is from PNR , The Black Lion 
vampire romance with a twist
Recently re-edited second edition now available on kindle unlimited 

When Melissa fleetingly meets Sascha in The Black Lion nightclub, she hopes he will approach her.
Sascha has secrets and it’s a long time since there was a woman in his life. He hesitates, even though he’s drawn to her until...
When she is threatened, he acts. When he is hungry, she hunts.
Unknown to both of them someone watches jealously.
Will this jealousy stop the budding romance between two people who both have something to hide?
An erotic, paranormal romance, full of surprises.

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Sascha gazed at the young woman, whose name, Melissa, he’d stored away like a precious jewel. He memorized the heart shaped face, the big green eyes, the dimple in her right cheek. He moistened his top lip with the tip of his tongue as he considered her mouth. That bottom lip needs sucking. I’d love to hold her close, just feel her warmth against me. I’d like more … I bet her hair feels like silk. He sighed as his gaze traced the length of her glossy chestnut hair. It fell around her shoulders and down her back. Sascha longed to grasp a handful, pull her close, and kiss her. He imagined it. His cock hardened as he recalled her scent when she stood in front of him. He thought about her look in the mirror. She was interested in him. It was obvious, and his own ineptitude was why he stood staring down at her, instead of grasping her to his naked form, fucking her hard. I could have compelled her. I could have tasted her cream, pushed my fingers into it, slid them over her clit. I could have licked her lips, her breasts. I could have her hands wrapped around my cock. I could have her writhing under me, coming, and driving me insane with her softness. I could give her so much love…

A low voice to his left suddenly invaded his thoughts.
“She’s not for you, brother. I see your scrutiny. I saw her first.”

Sascha prickled with anger at the voice and himself for not hearing the approach, nor scenting this man who leaned casually against the barrier. His fury burned in his chest and he whispered dangerously. “Who the hell are you?”

The man stood straight and so did Sascha.

They faced each other.

Sascha caught the vague smell of vampire heavily disguised by a mix of sandalwood, cedar, rosemary. How could I have missed a vampire in the club? He must have just arrived.
“I’ll ask you again. Who are you? I know what you are.”

The man before him sighed and waved a hand elegantly. “Fonteyn. Pleased to meet you, brother.”

Sascha bristled. “I’m not your brother.”

“Come now, it’s just a greeting, between two of the same kind. I’ve seen you here before. You’re not very careful or perhaps you’re more daring than I am. I thought to make a friend after many years without meeting another … vampire.” His low voice dropped to a conspiring whisper as he mouthed the last word and then grinned.

Sascha ached to slaughter this threat to his happiness. He was far from desirous of a friend. He’d never experienced anything but rivalry from other vampires and didn’t trust any of them, although he stopped short at violence toward them. His life in the early days had been harsh and he knew it could be a difficult life. “You disguise yourself well. I’ve never seen you here.” Sascha decided on a friendlier approach.

“Practice, herbs, and the truth is I’ve only been here a few times before tonight.” Fonteyn glanced away from Sascha’s face and down at the table where the young woman now sat alone watching her friends gyrate on the dance floor a few yards away.

Sascha’s instinct was to back off. Pretend he had no more interest in the girl to make sure she wouldn’t be in any danger from this other vampire. “I didn’t realize she was with you, Fonteyn. How long have you known her?” He coated his voice with acceptance, resignation.

Fonteyn looked back at him. His black eyes full of suspicion, and then he changed. His expression told Sascha this vampire Fonteyn believed he was no longer interested in the girl.

“I followed her here. Her fragrant blood drew me like a moth to a flame. The sway of her hips, the shimmer of her hair as she passed me on the corner of the street were like a magnet for me. I fell in love. What a morsel. What a tasty, rare treat she will be when I eat later.”

Sascha was as tall as Fonteyn, but more muscular and healthy. Turned in the early prime of his life, Sascha retained his youthful looks, his beauty enhanced by vampirism. He radiated masculinity, sex. Ancient, his life experience made him gentle.

Fonteyn was older when turned. Still, he was handsome, Sascha reflected. His black hair traced with only a few strands of silver. His black eyes fringed with dark lashes, he had an exotic air.

Sascha gave the slightest nod of his head. “I’ll leave you to it.”

Fonteyn’s dismay at Sascha’s intention to go was apparent on his face.

“Going so soon, brother? Maybe I’ll see you again here.” He almost bowed. It was a weird, old-fashioned movement, and caused Sascha to question what era Fonteyn hailed from.

Sascha shook his head. “I’ve tired of the place. I dropped by tonight out of habit. I doubt I’ll be back.” His lie left a bitter taste in his mouth. He turned and left the place via the balcony. He only stopped shaking with anger when his feet touched the ground below.

Sascha burned with fear for Melissa. He groaned in pain at the thought of her becoming Fonteyn’s meal. A huge shudder went through him. He tore into the nightclub not even a blur to the doorman nor the patrons. His presence like a breeze, moved the frilly cuffs of Goth shirts, ruffled tendrils of long hair, put ripples in satin evening dresses, and he picked the young woman up. He flew with her so fast her hair streamed out behind her, her cry of surprise and fear was lost in the night. The small evening bag on its gilt chain draped across her body, bounced against her hip.

Sascha stopped running only when he was halfway home. He settled on a rooftop and looked around. He held Melissa close to his chest. He dropped a kiss on the top of her head.
“Don’t be afraid. I’m saving you from someone who meant to harm you.” He raised his head and breathed in the night. Identifying smells and sifting through sounds in search of Fonteyn. There was no sign that he’d followed … no sign at all. Sascha placed the trembling woman on the felt membrane of the flat roof. They stood behind a sign. Huge letters cut from wood were anchored to the edge of the roof. Sascha could tell it read, Happy Inn.
“Melissa, please don’t be afraid. I had to do this. My name is Sascha.”

 Copyright Elodie Parkes , The Black Lion second edition , 2017, Hot Ink Press

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  1. An intense first meeting. I have a feeling Melissa is about to be thrust into a whole new world.

  2. Scary! And a great way to seize his opportunity. :D

  3. This is one smokin' tease, Elodie!

  4. Great excerpt! It really pulls you into the moment.

  5. Vampires, Elodie?! I'm all excited! Hot tease!


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