Friday, August 5, 2016

From #WIP 'Wren and Deverel' preview #teaser #MMromance #suspense

“Every P.I. needs a sidekick.” Beau Deverel’s handsome face took on a pleading expression.
“No they don’t. Investigating can involve confidential information, not meant to be shared, and if you were my sidekick, it would be.” Lucian Wren sat on the end of the desk and crossed his arms. “I know that look and it won’t change my mind.”
“Come on, Lucian, I can keep secrets. We’ve hung out together forever don’t shut me out of this. I promise I’ll never divulge anything to anybody, except you, naturally. You have my word. Have I ever broken that oath? Well, have I?”
A grin flashed across Lucian’s face. “You have not. I’ll keep you to that promise. Catch.”
Beau grabbed the card that Lucian tossed to him out of the air with a rapid swipe of his hand. He flipped it over to read it. “Wren and Deverel, Private Investigatorsyou were teasing, you already added me to the business. Card’s a little plain—could we add something—a picture of a revolver or an axe maybe?”
Lucian Wren smiled, affection flooding his eyes for his longtime friend. “No. The embossed border is enough embellishment. We need to appear ultra professional.”
Beau nodded and pushed the business card into the top pocket of his jean jacket.

Copyright Elodie Parkes 2016 

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