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A Fairy Tale Romance in #midweektease #romance @evernightpub #PNR

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A Fairy Tale Romance 

When delectable Thorn Valmont buys an old palace to renovate on the Mediterranean coast, he never dreams it will cost him his freedom.
Thorn is part of an aristocratic family. He’s a prince and must find his princess to solve a puzzle he inherits from the ancient owners of the Mediterranean palace.
Will he find her in time to stop his loneliness from destroying him completely?
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She stood so close her breath brushed his skin. 

The citrus tang of her shampoo or shower gel filled his head. He trembled with need. It had been so long since he’d kissed or been kissed, so long since he’d enjoyed a woman’s body against his. He looked along her body, his gaze traveled across her breasts, and down to her bare thighs. The lure of what lay just under the hem of the dress speared him. Thorn closed his eyes for a second. The pain of loneliness made him feel foolish—pathetic.

“Hi, Thorn … Mr. Valmont … can I call you Thorn? It’s a lovely day again. This is a great beach. Do you ever swim?”

Thorn heard her voice through his fog of need, as if she was far away. He nodded.
“Please call me Thorn. I do swim sometimes. I like to walk here.” He opened his hand and showed her a cowrie shell polished by the sand and sea. “Sometimes I find pretty things.”
He looked into her eyes. He meant her as well as the shell.

Grace stared back at him.

He felt sure she understood his meaning. He wished for her touch.

Magically she leaned into him. She slid a slender fingertip along the shell. “What a lovely pattern.” Her other fingers briefly touched his palm.

A flash of pure sexual response sparked along his lower stomach. He bent his head to hers. The pull of attraction was so strong he couldn’t help himself. He slipped his free hand along her cheek into her hair and kissed her.

The touch of her lips, the soft, and then firm press of her mouth against his was so good, a low moan escaped from the back of his throat. He let the shell fall to the sand, slid his arm around her waist, and brought Grace to his body in a hug as he kissed her over and over. Ten years since the feel of another’s skin on his, ten years since he’d trailed his fingers over the sexy softness of a woman’s breast, he closed his eyes, and kissed her hard.

She pressed up against him, held him close, and returned his kisses.

Her tongue slid along his and Thorn crushed her hips to his as the delicious sensation hardened his cock. Thorn savored her kisses. He drifted his hand down to grasp a handful of her ass. Unable to withdraw, he kissed her as if his life depended on keeping his mouth locked with hers.

Grace traced the muscles in his arms. She pushed a hand between their bodies to rest it on the bulge in his jeans.

Thorn trapped it there as he hugged her close. He felt her fingers as if no fabric existed between his body and her hand. Joy and raw sexual arousal spiraled through him. His rock hard cock leaked pre-cum and Thorn thrust a little against her palm. His thighs weakened. His heart hammered. His kisses softened so that he could rub the tip of his nose along her cheek and breathe the scent of her skin.

She moved her mouth from his with a small sound, a whisper of appreciation. “Mmm.”

They pulled apart to breathe, and gazed at each other.

Thorn recognized desire in her eyes. He knew his eyes reflected it. All the same, he took her hands and held them to his heart. “Sorry, sorry, I hope …”
She stopped him. “Don’t say that. Don’t say sorry as if that was a mistake, as if we didn’t share something special, as if I didn’t kiss you back, longing to feel your skin under my fingers.” She spread her fingers along the bare skin of his muscled chest. 

Copyright Elodie Parkes Evernight Publishing 
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