Thursday, January 21, 2021

Yay, release day for #gay #scifi Love in Danger from E. D. Parr and @evernightpub Celebrate with a #new #teaser and 25% off RRP new release #discount


Gay Sci-Fi romantic adventure from E. D. Parr and Evernight Publishing, Love in Danger

New release discount of 25% off RRP on Evernight only

Centuries ago, the planet they cherished was conquered, but now three warriors from an ancient race of gifted beings intend to remedy that.

Lovers, handsome Corin JaKobi and gorgeous Marcus D’Ath are members of an elite planetary squad that rid the city sectors of the mysterious and dangerous Fallen.

When an old friend uncovers the true horrific nature of the elders in the organization they work for, anger at their duplicity drives Corin, Marcus, and rogue squadron hunter, Zeb to plan for the ruling group’s demise.

It won’t be easy, and when Marcus is captured and detained at the elders’ pleasure, Corin’s white-hot fury at the thought of losing the man he loves knows no bounds.

Will Corin get to his beloved, Marcus, in time to stop the horror that awaits him?

Can the warriors free the planet and return it to the lovely place it was before the aggressors arrived?

Be teased

A muted trill emitted from Marcus’s communicator and with his exceptional hearing, Marcus caught the sound. He and Corin always placed the tech on a small table near their armoires, hoping the things wouldn’t alert them to a job before they’d slept a few hours at least. Marcus crept from the bed. It was huge and low so that there was little bounce back as he removed his muscled body. All the same, he cast a worried look at Corin, hoping his lover would sleep a little more.

He padded to the table and snatched up his communicator, lodging it in his ear as he silently left the room. He listened to the message as he walked to the living area and then, when he thought Corin wouldn’t hear, he clicked the button on the tech and answered.

“Marcus D’Ath.”

“Freeloader alert, Sector Seven, can you deal?”

Marcus heaved a sigh. “On way.” 

Copyright E. D. Parr 2021, Evernight Publishing

Be warned this book contains MM sex, horror themes, Sci-Fi fantasy violence.

New release discount of 25% off RRP on Evernight only

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