Sunday, October 4, 2015

Want to use an alternative to amazon to buy your books? Today, how to buy books on #Smashwords

Today I'm posting the first in a set of how to collations that tell you how to use other places to buy your books.

 How to buy books on #Smashwords 
You can download files from Smashwords to read on 
  •  your personal computer
  •  Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch
  •  Kindle, Kindle Fire,
  •  Barnes & Noble Nook, and Kobo

Smashwords has so many free books that are new releases or in genres you  might not find on Amazon. There are also books from many small publishers, well known publishers and indies who enjoy the distribution process Smashwords offers.

As they say on the website, 

"Smashwords offers book lovers an opportunity to discover thousands of independently published ebooks. We offer affordably priced ebooks for immediate sampling, purchase and download. Most Smashwords books are readable on any e-reading device. One purchase and you gain access to multiple formats."
The first thing to do is register for a free account
When you register for a free account,  a private, permanent online library is created for you where you can conveniently access your purchased books in any of the many available ebook formats. An account also allows you to leave reviews and save money with Smashwords coupons (issued by the author/publisher).
 Two online readers allow you to sample books, and you can  download book samples in various ebook formats.

To buy a book:
At the top right of every book page is a shopping cart logo. Simply click on it to purchase the book and then enter your credit card information and follow the simple instructions.
Accessing the book: 
After you purchase a book, you'll receive an email confirming your purchase. Click on the Library link at the top of the screen, and scroll down to Purchased Books. Click on the book you want to read. This takes you to the book's page, where you can scroll down and download the ebook format that works best for you, or you can read online using the HTML or Javascript reader.
 How to download books to Kindle or Kindle Fire
You'll find links to all your purchased books in your Smashwords Library. There are two options for loading Smashwords ebook content to your Kindle or Kindle Fire:
1.  USB Connection.  Plug your Kindle into the USB slot (small rectangular slot) of your computer using the cable that came with your Kindle (the Kindle Fire doesn't come standard with the USB cable, so you'll need to obtain the cable separately, or, use the email option described in #2 below). When you attach your Kindle to your computer via the USB cable, it makes your Kindle appear as a hard drive on your computer. After you purchase the book, from the book's book page click to download the "Kindle" .MOBI format. Next, navigate to where you see the Kindle show up as a hard drive on your computer. Next, just drop the book's file (it should end in file name of .mobi) to the Kindle's "documents" folder. Then disconnect the Kindle from your computer and the book will be ready to read. If you already downloaded the .MOBI file to your computer.
2.  Email the Ebook to Your Kindle Email Address:  For both first generation Kindles and the newest Kindle Fire, you can email your Smashwords .mobi files to your Kindle email address.  Amazon's support page provides complete details.   To email files to first generation Kindles (Kindles other than the Kindle Fire), click here:

Information collated from the Smashwords website 
Please follow these links to find other detailed information
Downloading to Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch
Downloading to the Kindle, Kindle Fire,
Downloading to the Barnes & Noble Nook, and Kobo
Read ebooks on your personal computer

If you are over 18 and read erotic romance I have to two free stories up on Smashwords. Epubs and Mobi files available.
Next Sunday , How to use All Romance for all kinds of readers

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