Saturday, June 25, 2016

Book #review #eroticromance Passion exudes off each and every page. @evernightpub

5 stars for 'Leave me Breathless' from Liz's Reading Life #bookblog 

Are you looking for a quick, seductive read that will have your heart pounding, panties melting, and completely taking your breath away?

Then Seth Callahan and Leave Me Breathless is just what you're looking for you.

Seth Callahan is the type of guys that makes you weak in the knees with just one smoldering look. He knows how to treat a woman both in the bedroom and out. Although he's wealthy and can have anything he wants, he's not one to flaunt it. He's humble and down to Earth, someone that appreciates the little things as well as the finer things in life.

And boy does that man know how to turn a woman on. His kisses are extraordinary, this fingers, mouth and tongue are extremely talented, but it's his words that will have you swooning like no other.

Rosanna is strong, independent woman that has needs. At first she a little scared about the desires that are awakened after just one kiss from Seth, but I love how she takes control and goes after him. But you can't help but love how she stays true to herself no matter what, at all cost. That's a woman you can't help but love. 

Passion exudes off each and every page. I couldn't put this book down until the end, but even then I didn't want to let these two go. I highly recommend to have a cold shower on standby for when you finish this sensual, erotic love story!
Liz Castillo

Dishy Seth Callahan relocates one of his business offices to a pretty Louisiana town. He’s lonely and discovers an emptiness inside him he just can’t fill … until he starts his house parties, where he fills the hollow with sultry encounters.

Four years later, his house parties attract lonely people looking for sensual comfort from far and wide. 

Rosanna Pyne arrives in town seeking solace after a bad relationship, and her neighbors take her to one of Seth’s parties. Seth notices her right away. He approaches her, but Rosanna backs away from Seth’s steamy advances.

Seth engages in erotic fantasies about the lovely Rosanna until one night she makes a move on him.

Rosanna is looking for someone to love her. Is there any chance it might be Seth?

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I wrote the story after reading an article about old plantation mansions and estates in Louisiana.
A lonely man on a business trip falls in love with one that's for sale. He hopes the atmosphere will soothe his soul. He's still lonely and finds a way to fill the hollow in his is born Seth Callahan's famous house parties.
A love story that sizzles. Fall in love with Seth this summer.

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