Thursday, June 23, 2016

New release #MMromance Love Unmasked. Who's behind the black velvet mask? #gayromance

Handsome Tom Wells sets lonely Scott Palmer’s heart racing as he watches Tom come and go from his apartment across the street. Scott longs to meet Tom, and when he scores a new job delivering goods for a local distributer, fate hands him the opportunity.
Tom works in a nightclub—the Candy Apple, and in the sultry environs, a masked stranger seduces Tom. The seeds of passion are sown, but just who has ignited Tom’s passion?
Scott’s longing to know Tom leads him to join the elite nightclub. On his first visit, the club holds a masquerade event.
Who is kissing who? Who’s under the black velvet mask?
An erotic MM romance, with a twist and HEA. 
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“Where’s the usual guy?” Tom Wells signed for the alcohol delivery on the PDA, and then stepped back into the shelter of the overhanging roof at the back entrance of the Candy Apple. Rain fell in sheets from a sky so gray it turned early morning into twilight.
The man before him slipped the electronic device under his yellow rain jacket and answered as he turned to leave. “Taken ill—it’s serious by all accounts—might not be back for a long time, if ever. Did you know him well?”
Concern put a frown between Tom’s eyes. “Not really, but Joe’s been delivering here for years. All the time I’ve managed the bar, in fact. I hope he gets better. Will you be doing his rounds in future?”
“Nah, just today, there’ll be a new guy next week. He’s taking over from Joe.” He pulled the peak of his baseball cap down a little as a gust of wind threatened to take it from his head. “I’ll get going. Have a good one.” He spun around and sprinted to the truck parked in the narrow entrance of the delivery yard.
As the guy hauled ass into the drivers’ seat, the wet yellow jacket glimmered when a car sped by with its headlights on full beam in the dirty weather. The truck roared into life, trundled onto the sidewalk, and then joined the stream of traffic as the lights changed at the intersection allowing the buildup of commuters to forge on toward their workplaces.
Tom closed the door, and went to update the inventory, before he drove home to get some rest before his evening shift started. 
Copyright Elodie Parkes 2016 Encompass Ink
Please note this is an 18+ erotic gay male romance

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