Sunday, April 9, 2017

Loving Liam new #romance from @NikkaMichaels and @evernightpub #newadult #disability

Loving Liam
By Nikka Michaels
Genre: M/F, Romance, Disability, New Adult, Contemporary
Length: 8,200 Word
Release Date: 03/21/2017
Publisher: Evernight Publishing

The first rule of housemates: never date a roommate. 

Grad student Amelia Baker shouldn’t have a crush on her roommate, Liam. Ever since the car accident years ago left her wheelchair bound, her family has treated her differently. But Liam makes her laugh and want something more than just friends. 

When a snow day turns into one of the busiest at the coffee shop leaving Amelia short-handed at work, Liam lends a hand. When her best friend drops the bombshell that he’s been offered a job four hours away in Seattle, Amelia doesn’t know what to do. If she tells Liam how she feels, she might lose his friendship. Will Amelia and Liam become more than just friends, or will she be left out in the cold?

“You’re surprisingly not freaking out right now.”
“I’m not.” I traced my fingers over the buttons on his shirt. “I kind of want to kiss you right now. But I don’t want to take advantage of your condition.”
“My condition?”
“Superdork. It’s a recognized medical condition.”
He dug his fingers into my ribs, in that place that never failed to make me shriek with laughter, and I wiggled furiously, trying to escape. He tickled me relentlessly until I batted his hands away. “Okay, Okay, truce, truce.”
As my laughter died away, I noticed how amazing he looked. He stared at me, his gaze intense, and I realized that our positions had shifted with me lying on my back with him cradled in between my thighs.
I curled my finger in his shirt and tugged him closer. This time when his lips touched mine, there was nothing gentle about the kiss. With a soft sigh, I parted my lips and when his tongue touched mine, an embarrassingly loud moan rumbled out of my chest.
At the noise, I froze. “Oh God.”

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Nikka Michaels lives in the rainy Pacific Northwest where she spends her time cooking, laughing and crafting romantic tales to satisfy her craving for HEAs with heat. A voracious reader, novice knitter and music lover she’s been known to multitask without breaking a sweat. She believes everyone deserves a love story.


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