Friday, July 28, 2017

Patti finds her #Dom in #flashbackfriday #romance teaser @evernightpub

When a fleeting encounter with a handsome stranger ignites Patti’s repressed loneliness she has to admit she longs for the love of a sensual Dom.
Luck is on her side when she goes out for the evening and meets delicious Cameron in The Club—but is he all that he appears to be?
Cameron’s overwhelming attraction to Patti is tested when she inexplicably fails to show up for a date
—Just what is going on and will they ever get together?

An erotic romance with Dom/Sub spanking elements—a contemporary, magical love story.

Flashback Friday teaser

Tingles raced along the arm he’d slid around Patti’s slender waist. Cameron sighed with pleasure. He thought about the women he’d been with before––there weren’t that many, but they were nothing like Patti. Usually taller, with long hair, long dark hair, he amended, maybe they were a type. 

The doors to the restaurant were automatic and both opened at once. He didn’t have to let go of Patti for them both to walk in. Cameron smiled. I really like this girl. I can hardly take my hands off her. It’s going to be such a pleasure being with her and maybe, just maybe, this time something else will develop. He squeezed Patti against his body and then let her go. “I should let you go. I don’t think they’ll let me have you sit on my knee here.”

Patti laughed. “Probably not, but is that what you’d like?” Her brown eyes sparkled at him.

Cameron grinned. “Yeah—you felt good on my lap the other night.”

Patti gazed at him. Her eyes grew even darker.

He traced her lips with his gaze. An intense longing to crush her to his body and kiss her senseless consumed him. He grasped her hand. “They can’t stop me holding your hand. Let’s go get a drink.”

They stood on the mezzanine floor looking out of the picture window at the sun going down across the wide expanse of river. Cameron took a drink of his continental beer and watched as Patti sipped at the fruit juice cocktail she’d ordered. Can I just come out and say how much I already want her in my life? “Tell me all about yourself, Patti.”

She smiled. “Really, there’s not that much to know. I work for a fashion magazine. I live over the river in a warehouse conversion. I drive a pale blue Mustang. I like movies and music. That’s it.”

Cameron couldn’t help himself. He reached out and held her jaw. He brought his mouth down on hers in a kiss that tightened his stomach.

She responded to his kiss with a little moan of pleasure, moving toward his lips as he drew away.

He knew she wanted more. “Later, darling,” he whispered. He took her hand. Their dinner table would be available.
With Patti seated opposite him Cameron moved the small ceramic bowl of purple anemones from the center of the table to one side. He pushed his hand across the table. “Give me your hand.”

Patti slipped her hand into his.

Her soft skin against his palm sent a jolt of attraction up his arm. He stroked her wrist gently and saw goosebumps raised on her arm. “Are you cold, or am I making you shiver?”

Cameron enjoyed the effect he had on her. Her eyes were dreamy and dark. Her bra must be thin because her nipples were visibly peaked under the bodice of her dress.

Her breath caught as she answered. “It’s you, Cameron.”

A spike of sensation went through his stomach into his cock. He smiled at her. “You’re so pretty, so sexy … I’m so glad we met.”

Just then a server showed up at the table and they ordered.
Cameron wanted to know more about her. He wanted to see if she could be truly his. Tonight he intended taking her back to The Club after dinner and giving her so many orgasms she’d crave his touch forever. His thoughts brought a memory of her coming on his fingers and his cock stirred again. He sighed involuntarily as he gazed at Patti.

“I’m happy we met, too.”

“Okay, tell me about your work. What do you do for the fashion magazine?” As Patti told him about her work, Cameron stored away the picture of her lips and the way her eyes sparkled as she spoke. He memorized the way she looked at him and swore to himself he saw affection in her eyes. He flicked his gaze over her creamy shoulders and decided when he had her alone he would suck along one and mark her as his. He held himself back from pulling down one of the shoestring straps and dislodging the dress to reveal a breast. He longed to suck on her nipples.

Their dinner arrived, and they ate little bites as they talked.

Cameron asked about the music she liked and they talked about movies they’d both seen. He ordered a chocolate ice-cream dessert and fed her a couple of spoons full. He put down the spoon and traced a pattern on the crisp white tablecloth with one finger.

“I did intend to take you back to The Club and a private room, but now I want something different.” He met her expectant gaze.

Patti darted her tongue over her top lip. Her voice low, she gave him a look and he knew she’d do what he asked. “What is that? I want you to have it.”
She trusts me. It could be anything. Cameron’s heart filled up with a powerful emotion he struggled to identify. Her trust was a gift and he wouldn’t let her down.

He smiled at her. “I’d like to see you naked in the moonlight. I know a place along the river where we can be together. Naturally you must use your safeword, if you become uncomfortable.”

“It sounds exciting.”

Cameron paid the bill. He took her hand. “There’s a path through the park next to the river.” Outside on the sidewalk he put his arm around her shoulders and traced his fingertips over her the top of her breast as they walked.

Patti was silent as he led the way.

He turned in through the open wrought iron gates of the city park and stopped to kiss her.

She molded against his body, softly murmuring.

The kiss hardened his cock. The anticipation of having Patti naked in the soft summer night set his heart hammering. He broke away from the kiss. He held her around the shoulders and took her along the path and down to the river. Old-fashioned lantern streetlamps lit the path, but as he led Patti into an area sprinkled with low shrubs and clumps of flowers, the lights disappeared. Closer to the riverbank, but semi-hidden by clipped box, was a bench seat. Cameron stopped by it. He put Patti an arm’s length away from him. The river lapped against the man-made bank supports in this area, making soft music. The moon hung almost full in a cloudless sky.

“Take off your dress.” He gazed at Patti through lust heavy eyes.
Copyright Elodie Parkes Evernight Publishing

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