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When she turned, he stood there behind her. His silent approach unnerved her. #FlashbackFriday #beachread #romance @HotInkBooks

#FlashbackFriday Teaser is from erotic romance Love at First Sigh

Two sizzling contemporary romance stories

Handy Hubby Hire
Tired of the maintenance jobs mounting up in her house, Sara hires a handyman. She never dreams someone like Griffen Fox will show up to fix the faucets and back yard gate. Sparks fly, but will they lose their heart to each other?

Pina Colada
When Emma takes a long weekend vacation in a warm beach resort, she meets the very handsome Matt Tyler. They spend an idyllic few days together. Will this only be a holiday romance?

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 Chapter Three

Sara got through the front door before she lost her composure. Smiles wreathed her face. She grasped the business card and looked at the words embossed there. She read it aloud focusing on the name. Griffen Fox, and what a fox he is. He is gorgeous. What will happen tomorrow? I know what I’d like to happen. Will that be it, he’ll rock up, do the jobs and disappear as if we didn’t have sex, as if we didn’t gaze at each other and want more, want to fuck each other all night? She sighed. She sat at her desk and relived his kisses. Her nipples hardened. She pictured his huge, hard cock. Her pussy clenched and drenched her fresh panties. She licked her lips. I wish I was with him now. I want his lips on mine, his hands on my ass. This is probably not good for me. I’ll crave sex again now. Damn it.

Sara remembered the months after Jem left. She missed him, their conversations, their walks, but she missed sex more. She missed the hard shape of a man’s body, the taste of his cum. She missed it badly and she’d craved it until she despaired. There’d been no one else. She didn’t meet men in everyday life.

She went to make more coffee. I’m addicted to this stuff.

That night Sara tossed and turned. She considered masturbating because she needed release, but she knew she longed for a man’s fingers, a man’s mouth on her breasts, preferably Griffen’s. Her own fingers wouldn’t do, not after sex with Griffen. Sometime just before dawn she fell asleep.

She sat bolt upright as the sun streamed in through her bedroom window. The angle of the rays told her it was quite late. She leapt out of bed and checked the time on her cell phone.

Half an hour to shower before Griffen Fox arrived. Her heart started beating faster as she daydreamed about his kiss and his mouth on her skin. She raced to shower and dress.

Her hands shook as she made a cup of coffee. She went to look out of her front windows and watch for his arrival. “Calm the fuck down,” she told herself aloud, but when his truck pulled into her driveway her heart thumped.

Sara went to the front door as he walked up the path. She opened it hardly able to breathe with the sheer joy and attraction to him that swirled in her heart.

Griffen smiled at her, his expression friendly, but not that of a lover.

Sara squashed down her happiness at seeing him. She opened the door wider.

“Hi, you know where everything is.”

He walked in carrying a cardboard box and a tool bag. He nodded cordially at her and turned into the kitchen.

Sara left him and went to her office. Dispirited, she booted her computers. Her shoulders slumped as she sat staring at the screen. Well, that’s it then, hot sex with a gorgeous stranger, and the next day not a glimmer of interest. It was worth it though. I needed it. It was great, she reasoned, as she keyed in her computer password with a sigh. She started her design. Nothing came out right. She deleted a graphic. She tried others. Time passed and she kept casting glances at the hall, knowing the delectable Griffen worked in her kitchen.

She couldn’t concentrate anymore. The hot summer day called to her and she left her office to walk in the garden. She reached the gate that Griffen had fixed the previous day. When she turned, he stood there behind her. His silent approach unnerved her. The desire on his face set her trembling.

His blue eyes darkened at her in the shade of the tree. He was a breath away from her when he picked her up. He jammed her against the woven plank fence panel and kissed her.

A wave of desire flowed through her. His mouth on hers made her pussy throb and drench her panties. She traced her tongue against his lips, and he opened his mouth to slide his tongue against hers, soft and teasing, the tip touching hers gave her tingles.

One of his hands traveled over her body, as he held her up with the other.

Instinctively she wrapped her legs around his waist clinging to him. His kiss so addictive, she couldn’t leave his mouth.

He pushed his hand down between their bodies. He dragged up the hem of her dress.
©Elodie Parkes Hot ink Press

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