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“I got a date with Annabel.” Nate grinned and gave Evan a friendly punch on the arm. #midweektease #menage #romance

I'm continuing to look back on The Summer Heat and so 
Midweek Tease is from this
Menage erotic romance from Evernight Publishing 
Yum Yum

When lifelong friends Nate and Evan watch the arrival of a new neighbor, they never expect to find their friendship rocked by the lovely Annabel who moves into the empty house next door.

Annabel likes both Nate and Evan the moment she meets them. As they all grow close, will she be forced to choose between these gorgeous men?

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They went to the usual café on the quayside. Nate told her he and Evan often had lunch there when Evan wasn’t out on the ocean or the river.

Annabel gazed at Nate. She’d chosen a table with a sun umbrella to shade and hide them as they talked, wanting to try a kiss on Nate’s cheek. She sat as close to him as she could. She passed him the menu and deliberately touched his fingers. She ran her tongue over her lips, looking at his mouth, and then … he kissed her.

The sensation of his mouth on hers sent a throb of longing through her clit. Her nipples peaked, and her thighs tightened. She slid her hands into his hair and held his head to hers. A low moan escaped her as she savored Nate’s sexy, searching lips. His tongue touched hers. Her pussy soaked her panties with wet heat. She sighed against his mouth when they caught a breath. “I needed that kiss so badly.”

His murmured answer soft, incoherent, he kissed her again. His hand strayed to her breasts, and through her cotton shell-top, he tenderly circled her pebbled nipples with his thumbs.

Annabel groaned into his mouth, holding his head. His soft hair tangled around her fingers, his lips, firm, and then gentle, his nose against hers, all so overwhelmingly sexy, soft melting sensations drifted down her stomach to soak between her legs. I might come just from his kiss and his touch on my breasts.

When Nate nibbled on her bottom lip then drew away to breathe.

She sighed the words, “I want you so much.”

He glanced around at the other customers, and then back at her.
“I want you too. Have dinner with me tomorrow night.” His eyes misted as if he’d just surfaced from a dream, and he gazed intently at her.

Annabel took his hand. “I’d like that. I can hardly wait.” She didn’t know how to tell him she would want him in her bed after dinner. She smiled happily. At last, one of my lovely neighbors has made a move on me. Thank heavens. Practically desperate to have sex with either of them, she wanted them both equally, and this mystified her into less assertive behavior than she might have used. She’d never had a problem asking a guy out, but Evan and Nate were so gorgeous, such lovely, kind men, she fantasized each night about having both of them, singly, and then together in her bed. Desire coiled in her stomach threatening to consume her.

Nate held her hand as they walked to the Regency Center offices after lunch. His hand, strong and cool around hers, proved addictive, and she didn’t want to let go when they reached the building.
He whispered to her on the stairs. “Tomorrow night, seven-thirty, I’ll pick you up.”

“Yes, please.” Her breath caught as his lips grazed hers.

He left her at her office floor.
The next day, Nate and Evan had arranged to meet for lunch. Evan arrived at the café first and watched a small group of tourists at a nearby table. He’d been doing some accounts in his quayside office and breathed in the scent of the sea, happy to escape into the open air at one of the café’s patio tables.
He ordered coffee and a BLT. He’d taken a bite of his sandwich when he saw Nate approach along the path, smiling.

The night before Evan had been late home from a boat trip, almost midnight, so he hadn’t seen Nate. He’d stayed in bed an extra half-hour that morning, knowing he only had office work to do, so he’d missed seeing Nate at breakfast. One of Evan’s employees had taken a boat out with two clients to do some fishing in the river. Now, Evan grinned at Nate as his friend reached the table.

“You look extra happy. Work going well?” Maybe Nate had a new and lucrative building design to do. They’d always encouraged each other. Even as two high achievers, professional jealously never entered their relationship. They both worked hard, and in their own way, each cared for the other.

“I got a date with Annabel.” Nate grinned and gave Evan a friendly punch on the arm.

Evan’s voice betrayed his disappointment. “No. Hell, Nate, I was just about to ask her out to dinner. You know how much I like her.”

Nate hesitated. “I told you I like her. She’s been giving me interested signals since she moved in. I left it as long as I could stand.” He pulled out a chair and sat down.

“She’s been giving them to me too. Seriously, every time I see her, she stands close, touches my arm, stares at me, and, Nate, I know when a woman wants me.”

Nate picked up the menu in the little plastic container from the middle of the table. He stared studiously at it, even though the two friends often had lunch there and he knew what was available. After a moment, he sighed. He wanted Annabel, and yet he knew Evan did too, and if he was honest, he’d seen her giving Evan encouragement in just the same way she gave it to him. They’d talked about her often and he knew how Evan felt, but they’d drifted along in the comfortable threesome friendship they’d developed, neither doing anything about their feelings for her.

“You’re right. She’s been coming on to both of us. I don’t know what that means, but Evan, I feel something deep for her. She’s so lovely, so … different. I think I could be falling for her.”

Evan sighed and looked away from him across the bay.

Seagulls called, and the waves slapped on the concrete side of the quay.
Nate took a deep breath of the ocean air and watched his buddy, knowing Evan was disappointed. He tried to fix things with his lifelong friend.
“Let’s just see what happens. She might go out with me once and back off. I’m sorry, Evan.”

Evan sighed again and brought his gaze back to Nate’s eyes. “Sure, but this is the kicker, Nate. I feel something for her, too. I think she’s special. I’ve never felt like this before.” He picked up his coffee and drank.
Copyright Elodie Parkes, Evernight Publishing 

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