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Melting hot kisses in the snow are only the start of what he has in mind to do with this red hot guy. New Release #MMromance #PNR @parr_books @evernightpub

Gorgeous Owain Lovage belongs to an ancient family of elven beings. A glamor hides his elf beauty as he runs a reindeer farm and visitor center in an English rural town. He’s yearning for a handsome, sexy man in his life. Owain hardly uses his magic these days, but that’s about to change.
Rowan Carter reluctantly leaves California to stay with his folks on vacation for the holiday season in the town where Owain lives. 
Everything is so much better than he expected. Already enchanted by the lovely scenery, snow, and Christmas lights he fleetingly meets Owain.
Captivated by Owain’s looks and masculinity, Rowan seeks him out. 
Melting hot kisses in the snow are only the start of what he has in mind to do with this red hot guy.
A deep erotic passion ignites between the two handsome men and sets in motion an ancient magic spell that will change both their lives forever.

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Rowan sat at the café table with his parents. They waited for the toasted sandwiches they’d ordered. The Woodland Dell was next door, and knowing that, Rowan couldn’t stop thinking about Owain. He is a total hunk and gay … has to be … he wanted me for sure. Rowan picked up his coffee cup with a smile. He put it down without taking a drink. “Mom, I’d like to send a couple of cards to friends back home. I saw some near the tree decorations. I’ll pop next door and get them, if that’s okay. I won’t be long.”

“Cards? They won’t arrive before Christmas, Rowan, but, sure—remember your sandwich will be served soon.” She gave him a look he knew from when he was a child—amusement mixed with affection, as if she knew he was up to something.

He walked quickly next door pulling on his jacket that he’d discarded in the warmth of the café. He strode through the garden store and plant nursery to the area where the Christmas trees stood and looked around. There was no sign of Owain, and he went out to the unsheltered part.

Owain was standing alone between rows of trees, his hands in his jacket pockets. Snow fell again in gentle swirls. It sprinkled Owain’s dark hair and face as he looked up into the sky. He seemed ephemeral then, as if lifted from the ground in order to catch the cold fractals on his skin for the sheer enjoyment of the touch.

Rowan watched for a couple of seconds, entranced. A strange feeling, a pull toward Owain, rose in him. He is so gorgeous.

The object of his admiration spun around and saw him. Rowan remembered feeling as if he’d been spying on Finn and Owain when the cab was stopped by the roadside the day before, and he took a deep breath. He felt that way again.
Owain walked toward him and Rowan shook off his awe. Used to moving quickly to intimacy with the men he liked in gay bars, taking swift, but safe sex that lifted his spirits for a night, Rowan moved into the style of behavior that brought him those encounters.

He shot Owain a smoldering look. “I wanted to make sure I’m not mistaken about you. You and I, we share the same … outlook on life.” Under the dark gaze of Owain’s sexy ebony eyes, Rowan lost the confidence that generally assured him of receiving at least kisses while pressed hard against a man and the wall of his favorite bar.

“Outlook?” Owain’s smile of greeting disappeared, and a frown creased his forehead along with his question.

“I mean we, we…” Rowan looked away from Owain’s handsome face trying to think what to do next. In a second he decided on an action that would bring or deny him Owain’s future company. He grabbed Owain’s jacket lapels and pulled him close, placing a kiss on his inviting lips without even considering if there was anyone to see.

The returning kiss told Rowan everything. Owain kissed him softly but with unmistakable hunger. He grasped Rowan’s arms, but as Rowan recalled they stood in a public place and drew away, Owain followed his mouth and stole another kiss. A thrill of pleasure coursed through Rowan adding to his haze of desire from the kiss, and his cock, half-erect, hardened at the delicious touch of Owain’s mouth.

He let go of Owain at the same time as Owain released him. “I’m right about our outlooks.”

Owain ran a fingertip over his lips before he answered. “Yes.”

Rowan’s stomach tightened with lust. He had no idea what to do next, because usually he and his conquest would tumble into a restroom or their parked car and suck each other’s cock.

Owain looked around quickly. “We can’t make out here.” He laughed.

The happy laughter and promise in the words relaxed Rowan. There’d be somewhere else to explore Owain’s hot body and time to share deeper kisses. He smiled. “Yeah, I should get back to my parents in the café. I’ll see you this evening.”

Owain’s eyes held his own for a moment, and Rowan experienced an unfamiliar depth of longing. I want him so much. I need to know him. He shook himself. “I’ll get going.” He forced himself to walk away, through the arch and out onto the street. That was intense. What’s it going to be like fucking with a guy like that? I can’t wait. Rowan discounted the way his heart filled with tenderness, and he concentrated on sex. He didn’t want a repeat of what happened with his ex. 

Copyright E.D.Parr 2017 Evernight Publishing
Warning: This book contains MM sex, frottage, rimming
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