Saturday, April 4, 2015

Paranormal, contemporary, #shifter romance. Meet the lovely Chris Donato ...

Saturday Snippets
Cafe in the Park
When Emily joins a dating agency, she never expects to meet someone like Chris. Everything she ever hoped for in a man, he’s special in more ways than one. Their intense attraction to each other is fueled by their shared loneliness. Will Emily find out his shocking secret when someone from his past comes back to haunt him?
How can love blossom, when someone is trying to tear them apart?
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Emily went through the black double swing-doors into the bar.
The darkness enveloped her. There was no smoke, but the air was pungent with different perfumes and tangy with alcohol as people passed close to her.
Her eyes adjusted, and she made her way through the crowded dance floor to the front rows of people, just as the band came on stage.
She saw Chris instantly. He looked great, dressed in a black T-shirt and jeans. His hair ruffled back, and his Wayfarers on, he strode on stage carrying his guitar. Lights played on the band as the lead singer and Chris stepped up to a microphone.
“Good evening.”
The crowd murmured. A collective wave of bodies swayed forward.
Emily felt as if she’d never heard his voice, never seen him before. He was different, cool, composed, charming the crowd with just those words.
Everyone waited, the atmosphere charged with anticipation, and then the music started.
Emily watched in awe. They were excellent. Both the lead singer and Chris complemented each other perfectly. She didn’t recognize the song, and then they covered a hit she recognized. She loved the way Chris moved. His hips, his long legs, and the angle of his jaw captured her gaze. He was so gorgeous she could hardly believe he’d been in her arms in her bed that morning.
As the band finished a third song, he stared right at her. He must see me. She smiled, not really believing he could see her in the darkness. He smiled back at her. Her heart lifted. A swell of happiness brought more smiles to her face. He can see me. She raised her hand slightly in a little wave.
Copyright Elodie Parkes, Siren Publishing, All Rights Reserved
Please note this book is 18+ romance

Love Bites and Silk review snippet (four and half stars)
Is it possible for a book to be both sweet and spicy at the same time? Well, this book has both elements with some sweetly tender scenes as well as some sizzling erotic ones.

4 and a half stars from Manic Readers,
What a sweet love story! Don’t get the impression the action is sweet, because the sex scenes are over the top scorching hot! But the love story behind the sex is lovely.

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