Thursday, May 19, 2016

From #WIP #MMromance a #midweektease Nothing gave him more pleasure than watching Tom

#MWTease from WIP #MM romance
Love Unmasked

Scott Palmer stood on the tiny balcony of his apartment across the street from Tom’s place. The street was narrow and one way so he could easily see into some of Tom’s second floor rooms and made it a point to do so when he judged Tom was home. Nothing gave him more pleasure than watching Tom. He traced every contour of Tom’s body with a hungry gaze. He imagined sliding his hands around Tom’s handsome face and kissing him. The thought made his cock jerk.

Today he’d seen Tom arrive in the sexy black truck and waited for him to walk to the front of the building from the carports. Scott watched Tom go into the building and then just as he’d hoped, Tom walked through a room taking off his jacket. A sigh had escaped Scott as he glimpsed Tom’s broad shoulders in a white T-shirt. He’d leaned back onto his balcony door and wished that Tom would one day look around and see him watching. Maybe he’d wave then and they could acknowledge each other occasionally. That would be great, not as good as speaking to Tom, but better than just hanging out staring over at him.

Scott waited for Tom to appear again, but he didn’t, which probably meant he’d gone into his bedroom. Scott had gone to an open house inspection held in the ground floor apartment of Tom’s building the year before. He guessed each apartment had the same layout. It made sense for efficiency of plumbing and stuff. That was the first time he’d seen Tom and the experience still lived vivid in his memory. Tom had been in the communal hall as Scott left the open inspection. His dark blue eyes had met Scott’s and he’d smiled a greeting as he went on his way. Scott’s heart had leaped and continued to pound as he turned to see the hot as hell guy walk up the flight of stairs to the second floor. 

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