Wednesday, May 4, 2016

From June #romance release #midweektease

From 'Leave me Breathless' June release from Evernight Publishing

The pretty tinkle of the bells that hung over the door announced someone had entered the premises. Amplified through a small electronic device, the bells could be heard all over the building. Rosanna spun around in her desk chair and stood ready to go into the sales area, and then she saw him through the window of the little office. Seth Callahan stood with his hands in his pants pockets looking around at the photographs of her previous creations that adorned the walls.

Rosanna sank back onto her chair. She could see out of the window but she knew Seth couldn’t see in. The window’s glass was especially designed for this. She soaked up the sight of him. His shirt fit perfectly over his muscled chest, his dark hair sexily ruffled, and his gorgeous blue eyes scanned the room. She waited as her heart pounded.

Chrissy, one of her team, went to him. Rosanna watched them talk as they walked to the far end of the sales area. She strained to hear what was said, but couldn’t. She saw Chrissy gesture toward the office, and Seth take a step away from her. He turned, said something, and then he was gone through the front door.

Chrissy headed for the office. 

Copyright Elodie Parkes 2016 Evernight Publishing

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