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Parkes is brilliant at illustrating the push and pull of their burgeoning feelings while continuing to succumb to their lust, #flameFriday #teaser

4 sexy stars
Reviewed By Natasha Jackson for Readers’ Favorite
Elodie Parkes has given us two tales of instant attraction that can bloom into something more in Love at First Sigh. The first story is about Matt and Emma who form an instant connection on a beach holiday. After some frisky behavior in the swimming pool, Matt and Emma become inseparable over the course of the vacation, leaving Emma craving for the things he does to her. Although this is a very short story, Parkes produces amazing chemistry in just a few lines and lets us see a strong bond that developed during what was supposed to be a brief sexual fling.

The next story involves Sara and Griffen. She needs tons of work done on her house and he is the man to do it. But in Handy Hubby Hire Sara is definitely in Love at First Sigh as is Griffen from the moment they set eyes on each other. While they satisfy their lust for one another instantly, it takes time for them to get beyond the awkwardness of being strangers slaking their desire. Elodie Parkes is brilliant at illustrating the push and pull of their burgeoning feelings while continuing to succumb to their lust. In just a few short pages she was able to bring out hot love scenes, deeper emotions and insecurities to create a full story.

Love at First Sigh is a great fun day at the beach type of read. There are plenty of amazing love scenes, witty banter and enough lust to set the pages on fire. Short, sweet and to the point is what these stories are, but they are truly memorable.

#FlameFriday teaser

 As he stared into her eyes, she felt sure he broadcast attraction to her. She pulled herself together. “Yes, of course. I’ll start in the kitchen.”

She went around the place and the beautiful man followed.

He made notes on a small tablet computer and smiled at her every so often.

His smile gave her goose bumps. Sara watched him inspect the jobs that needed doing. She soaked up the sight of his strong hands on the wooden gate, the hard curve of his ass as he bent to check the level of water in the washing machine, and she sighed. Sadness overtook her when she showed him the supposedly jammed bedroom window, and he opened it easily.

His lightly tanned, muscled arms flexed so that the sleeves of the pale denim shirt he wore rode up.

She saw the bottom swirls of a tattoo on one of his arms as he rolled the sleeves of his shirt further. If only I had someone like him in my life…someone beautiful, gentle, strong, and sexy. The thought brought her loneliness to the fore and she turned away from the sight of this gorgeous man who would fix the house up and then leave.

“The washing machine needs a new filter. I have one for that model, but not with me. I can fix the lights, the gate, this window, today, but I need to come back to fix the kitchen tap and the washing machine. Okay?”

His sexy voice broke into Sara’s thoughts and she turned back to him.
“I think the washer is going on the hand-basin faucet in the bathroom.”

He gazed at her. “I can fix that today.” His eyes were full of something unspoken.

Is it kindness, maybe desire…I wonder if he does any other hubby duties? “I’ll be in my office if you need me. Just go ahead. I’ll get out of your way.”

He nodded at her, a smile hovering at the corners of his delicious mouth.

Sara went to her office. It was hard to start working again, but she had to, so that the thoughts of Hire a Hubby holding her close in those muscled arms, and kissing her with his gorgeous mouth, receded.
Copyright Elodie Parkes , Hot Ink Press

WARNING this book is 18+ erotic romance
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